Jan 6, 2022

Tigray News

  • The chair
    The chair

    The wobbly chair is speaking from the intensive care

    To the Chair who sat on it for years,

    With the weak and angry tone

    You’re too mean, cruel, heavy and reckless

    Too busy to sit yet do nothing else

    Your spiteful mind will lose you a chair,

    The humble and weak chair said to the uncaring and leading Chair

    See, can you see down with your blurry eyes?

    My frail legs, loose frame and broken arms

    The stretcher that carried your heavy legs,

    the splat that supported your unlined back, are now all in tatters,

    As a result of abuse, neglect and cruelness.

    Do you blame me if I put you down?

    Did you care when I let you sit down


    This chair no longer allows the Chair to sit. 

    Dedicated to the people of Tigray 

    Eyob Gidey 27 January 2024

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By aiga