For too long, the human heart has been treated as no more than a physical organ that pumps blood. Recently, scientific evidence has emerged to show the heart is so much more. Zara Yacob’s Inauguration of Modernity and Cardiocentrism adds to the groundbreaking argument that the heart is also a thinking organ, a function that is always attributed to the human brain. The argument is marshalled with evidence and spiritual comportment. Following an insight from seventeenth-century Ethiopian philosopher Zara Yacob, and in conversation with both Kemetian (ancientEgyptian) thought on the philosophical status of the human heart and contemporary discussions on the hard problem of consciousness, Teodros Kiros argues that the heart is both a physical organ that pumps blood and a spiritual organ that originates thoughts, which it shares with the brain. Together they empower us to be compassionate, empathetic, generous, and sincere.

By aiga