Kallamino Agricultural Investment Center (KAIC) of TDA announces its readiness to provide improved wheat seeds it produced for investors, farmers, government and non-government organizations, who are engaged or interested in sustainably improving food security in Tigray.

Despite the damages inflicted on the center following the war in Tigray, TDA, together with Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development and Institute of Agricultural Research, has been doing a lot to efficiently use the land in the center focusing on multiplying improved wheat seeds.

During an interview with manager of KAIC Mr. Kibrom G/meskel on the spot, he said that TDA has now produced 250 quintals of improved wheat seeds in the existing 16 hectares of land using machineries. TDA strives harder to exponentially maximize and expedite the production and productivity of the improved wheat seeds in the center through using machineries in order to fully meet the needs.

Meanwhile, he called on farmers, investors, government and non-government organizations who want to purchase improved wheat seeds (picaflore) from the center. He also underscored the strong need of KAIC to transfer practical experiences of how effective and efficient mechanization can be in terms of optimizing agricultural production and productivity in Tigray.

It’s worth pointing that TDA has a great deal of experience in various forms of farming such as dairy, beekeeping, horticulture, poultry, producing improved seeds and seedlings, capacity building and experience sharing, for over 20 years now.

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By aiga