For over two decades Aigaforum has been owned by a dedicated owner and managed by wonderful volunteers. The requirement to provide balanced information was a priority. The intention of the website was to inform, educate and create a civil discourse for the development and prosperity of the Ethiopia that espoused the diverse background of its people. The dawn of a new era in Ethiopian history required a platform for the expression of the newly emerging landscape of its diverse people. The vision and effort was to provide access to a civil dialogue in order to enhance the culture of discussion. The system in its infant stage necessitated the understanding of an equitable system that respects the rights of the various nationalities as the producers and beneficiaries of the country’s wealth. This new chapter declared the formation of an Ethiopia that represented each and every nationality with an agreed-upon commitment to stand in Unity with the very knowledge and respect of its Diversity. This new beginning required the activity of various supporters to deliver balanced information. Aigaforum uncompromisingly stood to be an outlet to the voice of the diverse people of Ethiopia. The forum was blessed with a trustworthy web designer, a wonderful webmaster, and resourceful editors. It attracted volunteers to contribute from their particular areas of expertise. As the owner of Aigaforum I am deeply grateful to each for their outstanding involvement. It is with this exceptional energy of commitment that the forum sustained itself to this day.

I created the forum to provide a platform for those who were not heard or listened to. The mission of the forum was to deliver and promote unity in diversity. I honestly believed Ethiopia was on the right track. The inception of recognizing the rights of each and every nationality in Ethiopia as a player to bring about equity was the most promising agenda. It gave me hope that the establishment of a system to serve each and every nationality deserved my whole-hearted commitment and attention. Thus, without any hesitation, I decided to give it my all to create a medium that would ultimately serve the people in every corner of Ethiopia. With a staunch and deliberate affirmation, I was able to connect with like-minded people who chose to write, contribute, propagate and serve the interest of the Diverse people of Ethiopia.

As the intention to serve was at the heart of Aigaforum, I will have to also say there were elements within Ethiopian politics that wanted the demise of the forum. God knows many of my comrades and I fought these self-centered individuals tooth and nail using our limited time and resources over the years. There was name-calling and direct harassment, but no one was able to deter the forum volunteers or me from standing our ground. In short with all the ups and downs Aigaforum remained vigilant and uncompromisingly held the space to be the voice of the voiceless.

As an optimist as I was of the new Ethiopia, the last four years have shown me otherwise. This period of time has taught me a lesson I will never forget. Despite the intent of the many contributors to the forum and myself, the country has veered itself to its own destruction.The story of a stable and prosperous country has become history and the unity of the country is in question today. I wish I could say the forum has lived up to its mission, but Ethiopia is more than ever divided, and I am not sure it can be saved to be a country anymore. I never in my wildest dream had imagined that the Tigrian people would be ostracized by their own government.Today they are targets of attack as has been demonstrated gruesomely in the last year. All Tigrians, in any part of Ethiopia, are hunted down and face inconceivable torture. The Tigray region is under attack, but the fierce and gallant children of Tigray are at its defense. The crime against Tigray and its people has not made Aigaforum silent. It has stayed true to its mission, echoing the cries of the Tigray children, women, men, elders, and all individuals that are currently victims of terror in Ethiopia. The pledge to serve the voiceless is more than ever loud and clear. I am more than ever proud to be a Tigrian. It is with pride that I say the spirit of tenacity that I inherited from my ancestors has been instrumental in having me stay the course and expose the genocide that my people, the Tigreans, are facing.

Now I am leaving Aigaforum and passing the torch to the younger generation. Going forward Aigaforum will have a new owner and management team. The transition will be complete in the next two months. One thing we proudly could say is that we have succeeded to help create a very smart and educated digital generation that is also known as Digital Woyane. I hope the new owner will continue to keep the forum open to all and make sure the voiceless are heard.

On behalf of the wonderful partners and contributors I thank you all for being loyal followers and readers.

The challenges facing our people back home is too grave for anyone to sit idle. Thus, retirement is not an option for me. Rest assured you will see me helping my people in another capacity. Till then stay safe and well.

Isayas A.

January 4, 2022

By aiga