By Gebreselema

Tigray is under occupation since Nov 2020 until now. The Genocide is active systematically and it has changed only in form.  The Genocide in Tigray is now taking place in silence and hidden from the world by Fiasco Pretoria Cease fire Public relation scheme.

The talk of new Transitional Government in Tigray by opposition parties in Tigray is depressing the whole Diaspora community across the world. This is on top of the genocide.  Political parties must know now that they must listen to the people of Tigray and work with the people.  The people of Tigray do not need  self-appointed leaders after now.  The people Tigray must be the leaders themselves after now.  The public must be the leader.  Leaders must be led by the people. This is the old practice in Tigray long before America.  We have to change, and the change must start at individual level.  We cannot afford to continue doing the same thing over and over. Now is a critical time for Tigray. We have to think and do things critically. Critical mission that rescues Tigray from the danger of extermination.   Everything we do after now must critical mission of rescuing ourselves, our  history, our land, our culture, our language and our civilization. We have to use the critical time to do critical things. We cannot act as if everything is okay while everything is not okay.  A surgeon who wanted to save his patient from a critical illness and has to do critical surgery that that save the life of his patient. If he do non-critical surgery he may not save the life of the patient. Tigray is now the patient that needs critical mission to be rescued.

  I like using verses in the Bible to reinforce my commentaries.  Somewhere in the Bible there are verses that state there is time for everything. There is time to sow. There is time to harvest. There is time to live. There is time to die. There is time to mourn. There is time to make merry of life.  There is time of war. There is time of peace.  In general there is time for everything under the sun to happen.  Also when I studied I did one course on professional practice.  It was half Semester course .I have learnt  from that course one important thing.  I learned before you do or say anything consider or know that public safety and Security is priority number one because the rest is secondary.  The priority number one of of every nation, society, community is safety and security of the nation, society, or community before anything else.  If there is no safety and security of  the nation, society, community, you cannot talk about other things because safety and security of that nation comes first. Tigray as a nation has lost its national safety, and security since Nov 2020 until now. There is no safety in Tigray. There is no security in Tigray. There is no food in Tigray. There is no water in Tigray. There is no normal life in Tigray. Tigray is still under systematic, silent and slow genocide.  I have said it before and I will repeat it again. The Pretoria cease fire was/is an American Government scheme to implement Genocide in Tigray systematically and silently.  That is happening as we speak. American Government did force TPLF to sign the fake cease fire, but it did not force Ethiopia and Eritrea to withdraw from Tigray. The Amhara and Eritreans are still doing the genocide in silence. The killing, raping is still taking place in Tigray.

I have never supported TPLF  in my entire life. Reason, I was the only person who saw the tragedy before it came to happen.  Trust me, I opposed TPLF starting from 1989. I completely rejected it then. Reason, I  was wide awake than anyone.  It was not because I am evil and  I hated TPLF. No, it was because I saw the flaw then in TPLF. Ever since I have never supported TPLF and even when most Tigreans were dancing I was mourning in silence.  People even hated me and called me all names. This is to say, I am  against the visionless leadership of TPLF and their cut, copy and paste ideology of communism and capitalism.  But at this time, talking about TPLF F will not make any logical sense.  I cannot save Tigray and Tegarus now by dwelling on the sins of TPLF. Reason it does not help and the TPLF leadership is not even in the habit of  listening leave alone to few opposition, they never  heed to the whole Tigray population. They abhor public opinion, they hate different idea and they abhor new idea.  This is the nature of TPLF that we cannot change now.  Thus now it is not time to waste time talking about TPLF  and talking about its sins. It will not help Tigray.

Tigray is now dying. Tigray is now starving. Tigray is now being raped. Tigray is now being killed, kidnapped and Tigray is still under siege. The Ethiopian soldiers, Eritrean soldiers, Amhara Militia are still in Tigray busy killing, raping, looting. The genocide did not stop in Tigray. The genocide is still going on but it is happening in silence and conducted systematically. The genocide in Tigray still active. It has only changed in form.  The genocide has changed in form in Tigray because the genociders schemed a tactic of doing the genocide in silence under fake and fiasco American Genocide scheme and tactic of Pretoria cease fire.  The Pretoria fiasco is schemed by American Government to do the genocide in darkness under the cover of  the fiasco Pretoria cease fire fake pact.  This was why American Government has to force TPLF to sign on the dots.  This Pretoria fiasco is designed and schemed to continue doing the genocide in a very sophisticated and systematic way. Reason, the Pretoria agreement has successfully hidden the Tigray Genocide still active from the world. The world now knows the fiasco American Government Pretoria agreement. The world now knows Tigray is at peace and all is good.  That is why the American Government did not use the force  and leverage it used to force TPLF to sign the fiasco agreement , to force Ethiopian and Eritrean and Amhara to vacate from Tigray. The Amhara and Eritreans and Ethiopians have been killing, raping Tigray since Nov 2020 until now. But American Government did not lift its fingers to   vacate the genociders from Tigray now for three years.

Tigrean political parties talking about TPLF now is illogical, irrational and does not make any sense.  It is mind boggling that the political parties in Tigray wanted now to establish a new transitional government.  To be honest this is sickness I am sorry to say this and this is worse than what TPLF did to Tiigray.  If my  house is  on fire burning , how I can talk about sitting in the house to lead my family? How does this make any sense?  To put my family together, I have to do fire fighting to save the house from completely being destroyed by the fire. I cannot go into the house on fire and gather my family in the house in the fire and set them up to burn to death.  Tigray does not need a new transitional government now. Tigray needs now safety and security before hand. Talk of new transitional government can be entertained after the safety and security of all Tigreans is restored 100%.  It is a secondary thing and a luxury.

Tigreans must not waste precious time talking about new transitional government. This is not because I wanted TPLF. No, this is not about TPLF. This is about the existence of Tigray and Tigreans on the planet earth.  I cannot talk about housing, clothing, food, water, etc while I am critically ill and at the point of death throe.  Who are you going to administer if you  become transitional government ? Are you only interested in Mekelle ?  Does that mean the rest of Tigray under Amhara and Eritrean forces is not a concern?  Talking about power, politics, etc is now luxury. You are doing secondary thing that comes after safety and security and peace. Tigreans are dying, starving, being raped but you are talking about forming new government?  If you cannot see this, then I do not think you have better vision than TPLF. TPLF cannot do worse than this.

I actually do not believe anymore we need political parties. We do not need communism; we do not need capitalism. Reasons, they are ideas of other people and there is no  value in them for Tigreans. Tigreans have long history of self administration than America, Russia, China. We do not need  cut, copy and paste ideology.  We have an indigenous, organic, authentic, ideology called Baito which means on the ground from Baita, which means truth in front of the people. You do not need political party or communism or capitalism. We need Baito because Baito is better than capitalism and communism and  political Islam. Baito involves directly all the people regardless status.   Baito is more democratic than any political system that exists in the world. Baito means the people are the leaders , not leaders lead people. The people leads the leader. This is the best ideology I can imagine. 

In conclusion, all parties must change and do things in a new way and together. It is fait accompli TPLF has failed and its ideology and talking point has brought tragedy to Tigray. TPLF did not understand Tigray. It did not read the history of Tigray. Reason, TPLF  because it won DERG, it felt t it knew everything under the sun and it thought it is Alpha and Omega of the Universe. They felt they controlled the world and the universe.  They never wanted to see and to understand. They became the most rigid people on our planet refusing to listen to Tigrean public and that put us where we are today. There is a verse in the Bible that says arrogance and ignorance comes before ones downfall. When we become proud, arrogant, and when we feel we are omniscient which means all knowing; when we feel we are omnipotent which means all powerful; when we feel we are omnipresent which means we control everything, we stop learning, we stop seeing, and we stop listening  and then we fall.  That is what happened to TPLF and  the effect of it on the whole Tigray.

I am not saying let us not talk. No, we must talk because Talking is a natural right, not even a human right.  I have a mouth that is given for me to eat with and to speak with. I have a right to speak. The do not talk propaganda must also be stopped.  It is time to talk, to discuss and to formulate lasting solution for the current and future vision of the nation of Tigray. Let us not play the soccer against our own goal.  This is not a time to form  a new government and at least, the minimum requirement, Tigray must 100% free from occupiers and genociders before anything secondary thing.  Talking about new transitional Government right now is directly promoting and prolonging the  genocide in Tigray.

 My suggestion,  TPLF leaders must abandon or throw away their old way into the dustbin of history. They must  work with the people. Oppositions must drop their political factions or schism and work together with TPLF.   There is no need for political parties after now.  We need Baito system topped with the best practice of the world added on it.  We do not need political parties. We need a system that does not depend on political parties or leaders. We need a system that is lead by the people directly and that is Baito system.  

As a side note, organize as community and try to help Tigreans all. Stop working, scattered, individually. Work as a community like Israelites do.  Working individually is expensive and inefficient.  Think of forming Tigreans community inside and outside and start working together and pooling resources together.  You cannot help Tigray individually or one by one because it is extremely expensive and inefficient and unaffordable.

I personal do not want to hear about forming transitional  government while Tigray and Tigreans have no safety and security at all.  This is misplaced like putting the cart before the horse.  Let us do first thing first and second thing second and  third thing third.  Let us stop putting the cart before the horse.

Let us  be all of us  King Zoschale, Queen Sheba, Ras Alula, Hayelom Araya, Zeray Deres,  let us not reduce ourselves to nothing.  Together we can move the mountains and we did it already and we just have to persevere and complete it.  They say you do not change a horse in the middle of the river. Let us use the same e horse for now  and manipulate the horse to help us to cross the stormy river we are in and we can change the horse to the horses after our safety and security is fully and 100 % secured.

By aiga

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  1. This is more of a rant than a series article, you keep mentioning the Amhara forces are still occupying tegray land? which one is that? If you are saying about wolkayet , you can forget that once and for good, it never been yours it will never be yours now, in fact you may need to pay back payment for the 30 years user of the wolkayet and raya resources. so please focus just on the real tegray the world know than focusing the land that your comrades tplf stolen and add in to tegray. In real life when a thief caught with a stolen god/s normally the thieve deny knowing anything about the god/s , but you fox still claiming to get it back the land you stolen 30 years ago. what a crazy thing. You need to learn to live with your own resource.

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