Mr. Tesfay G/her, Executive Director of TDA gave a press conference to all local and international media based in Tigray with regard to the celebration of 25th Anniversary of Kallamino Special High School/KSHS, planned and ongoing humanitarian projects of TDA, and lingering effects of drought in Abergele woreda, and importance of coordination and partnership in response to multiple problems occurring in various areas of Tigray.

Wishing a Happy Anniversary of KSHS to all the people of Tigray in and outside Ethiopia, and stakeholders, the executive director succinctly briefed the media of the remarkable diverse developmental and humanitarian endeavors TDA has been undertaking for the past 34 years now, including, but not limited, the establishment of the Kallamino Special High School, which has thus far graduated 1,616 students of 12 grade with the mention of their contributions to Tigray and beyond. He recollected that the TDA founded KSHS in 1998 with the objective to set up science and technology centered educational system in the Tigray and Ethiopia in order to create innovative, creative and productive generations.

Mr. Tesfay also told the media that TDA has now finalized its necessary preparations to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Kallamino Special High School/KSHS from 06 to 10 December 2023 for five consecutive days accompanied by a variety of events, and all ready to warmly welcome its guests, esp. on the 10th of December 2023, like higher officials of the regional and national government, religious leaders, community elders, business people, media organizations, reps of political groups, CSOs, local authorities, alumni, donors, diaspora, parents, international NGOs,  and other stakeholders.

During his briefing, the Executive Director also indicated that TDA is working hard to alleviate actual and prevent potential stunting and malnutrition of children and mothers through implementing nutrition, hydroponic farming technology, school feeding and distribution of nutritious food in partnership with UNICEF, Luminos Fund and Save the Children respectively in different areas of Tigray, including Abergele woreda recounting the latest distribution of 300 boxes of energy biscuits to 4,500 students of 12 schools found in 6 tabias of Abergele woreda.

The Executive Director addressed the media of the fact that besides Abergele woreda, drought is getting potentially widespread in such woreda as Atsbi, Edaga Arbi, Irob and elsewhere in Tigray, so everybody concerned must quickly join hands with TDA in order to save lives of people who are in jeopardy.

What’s more, Mr. Tesfay G/her further explained TDA has devised a 3 years strategic plan that can help in playing its instrumental role in the recovery and rebuilding efforts of Tigray by harnessing all the potentials Tegaru have here and there on top of the resources TDA acquire from donors and partners.

The Executive Directors additionally said that TDA is in action to execute school feeding program across Tigray that would benefit 65,000 children and accelerated learning program for 9,500 out-of-school children; create job opportunities to 20,000 youths through re-enhancing the existing TVET system; rehabilitate and furnish 120 schools; strengthen health care service by equipping the health facilities with essential medical supplies, promote digital education 200 primary schools; and so on.

Mr.Tesfay also stated that such projects and programs of TDA could have something to do with the effort the government and the people of Tigray are exerting in the course of rebuilding the Tigray better underscoring the importance of coordination and cooperation with TDA. He put emphasis on his remarks saying, “Separately we can do so little, together we can do actually so much. So, let’s coordinate…to effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of the society in timely manner-all efforts and supports should therefore be coordinated and channeled through TDA’’.

Last but not least, Mr. Tesfay G/her extended his deepest appreciation to all TDA Chapters and diaspora, donors, and other stakeholders for their invaluable contributions to the KSHS and summoned all invitees to join in the celebration of its 25th Silver Jubilee. Meanwhile, he strongly called upon all who want to help the people of Tigray to work in partnership with TDA.

By aiga