By Temesgen Kebede

A case of Modus ponens!

If there is a smoke, there is fire. If unable to walk, one is unable to ride a horse. If you consent the sale of a piece of a sovereign land,  you would not object the sale of another piece unless it is useful to keep.

The generation in charge of the polity of the Amhara ethnicity has not seen violence and mayhem compared to the past generation – nor have they witnessed gross misrule. Since 1991 there was no major war conducted in Ethiopia. Everything was relatively peaceful and people, Amhara or otherwise, led their lives in pursuit of happiness and tranquillity. Considering there was no mental and psychological damages one would have hoped that this generation would come out more humane and caring.

But it did not. In fact they turned out to be more violent and worst human rights abusers. It became involved in gang rape,  unbelievable destruction  of material assets, burning people alive and eating their flesh!

This leads to a conclusion that some of the  Amhara’s are retaining  traits of savagery, becoming  modern day barbarians who have not changed since the atrocities of the past. They share the same instinct of their forefathers who went on rampages, mutilating genitalia, woman’s bosoms, and burning alive humans. 

The desire to live off others people’s resources and labour appears to be ingrained in the blood and nerve cells of all Amhara’s dead or alive. One wonders if there will ever come a change.

And the other the Amharas are pathological liars, stargazers and sorcerers who prefer to exorcize stained and bloody steins.

Read all the books they wrote and manufactured heroism they crowned themselves with, when in fact there is no major war they won, no work of art they built. It is all a mirage only they can see.

Everyone is entitle to lead their lives with or without performing extraordinarily. The world is not only home for performers, it is for all as defined by nature. This also goes for the Amharas as well as for others. But if, like the Amharas, one goes out of his way and brags for acts he did not perform, he has to be put in his right place.

The Amhara are adroit in reverse talk – Antimetabole, roll back Aksumite progress in to the dark. 

Battle of Adwa in March 1 -2, 1896 was fought and won by collective force and yet whenever Amhara warlord who showed up in the battle field a road, bridge, school and/or hospital was named after, not a single alleyway let alone an institution was named after Alula, Mengesha Yohannes, Awallom etc Tiguan’s leaders. Not that the Tigrayans hankered for fame, they had fought and won foreigners in one too many battlefields. But to oppugn the Amhara claim of leadership qualities and statesmanship, they are not endowed with.

Look at the illustration taken in 1896, the year of the Adua was won, not callipygous but a steatopygic, not a pulchritude nymph, you can’t help but amorously blink but an eyesore obese, was claimed and documented to be leading the war from on a horseback tangibly charging full force at the enemy line, the Italian were unable to resist but collapse as a house of card.

The fact, the truth, the reality Itege Tytu was unable to stand and walk let alone to shake and nudge a horse with a shield on hand and spear or a sword on the other. She is disabled by her obesity!

What Itege Tytu was keen in was finding noble men and /or women to tie the knot with her relatives to strengthen her grasp of the place power.

She objected the breakaway of the entire of Tigray and given to to Italy not for any national reason but for one thing and one thing alone. Tigray governor,

Ras Menegsha Yohannes was her niece’s, Keffia Welle, husband who begotten a son, Ras Seyum Mengesha and a daughter, Romanework Mengesha. 

Further Etege Taytu’s nephew, Gugesa Welle likewise married Queen Zedetu Menelik after being divorced from third husband. Gugesa Welle was the governor of Begemedir following the death of her uncle Wubey Hailemariam.

So she had a plan of consolidati in ng ‘Gonderiates’ power base and did not wish Tigray under Ras Mengesha Yohannes or his successor, Ras Seyum  Menesha’s entire land taken away by the Italians. It had little to do with the lose of citadel of Aksum, much talked about. 

Empress Taytu and her entourage. La Guerra Italo-Abissina: Bulletino Illustrato, Num. 24. Maggio 1896. Milano, Italy. African Section Collection, Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division.

Compared this to the fake image below of Itege Taytu portrayed mounted on a horse back leading an army at the battle of Adua and I will leave it to you to judge!

እ ኔ : ሴ ት : ነ ኝ ፤ ጦ ር ነ ት : አ ል ወ ድ ም : : ሆ ኖ ም : ኢ ት ዮ ጵ ያ ን : የ ኢ ጣ ሊ ያ : ጥ ገ ኛ : የ ሚ ያ ደ ር ግ : ው ል : ከ መ ቀ በ ል : ጦ ር ነ ት ን : እ መ ር ጣ ለ ሁ ::
እ ቴ ጌ : ጣ ይ ቱ : ብ ጡ ል : ኃ / ማ ር ያ ም

And the other, even Menelik was a victim of illness, tabes dorsalis, neurosyphilis  couldn’t , like his fourth wife, walk straight let alone to mount a warrior horse that tended in action to fly and float.

These are some of the fictions the Amhara repertoire rudely force others to swallow.

One cannot convince the Amharas their stories are fictions. Like all aggressors, they won’t accept they wrong others are right: but that would remain their own problem.  Hewers of wood drawers of water will not carry on the burden forever. Schadenfreude gloaters will not have a permanent scene of perverse pleasure displayed before it is turned over to confront the perpetrators. Filled with Epicaricacy horsemen they are in their droves but nine freudenfreude.

The sooner they realise and change course the better for their own good

By aiga

5 thoughts on “A Priori modus  ponens: A Horsewoman like no other!”
  1. If you spent some of your time that you used to talk about Amhara on your own crazy issues, you would have helped improve the life of the people of tegray. But I am very aware that people who suffers with an inferiority complex they always blame others whom they think is responsible for their current situation. Amhara did this Amhara did that, what can you possibly benefit today by bad mouthing Amhara? Like it or not the Amhara tradition such as food, music, literature, agriculture,work ethics etc is an matched compare to other cultures. consequently it dominated the landscape for very long time and it will continue to be that way. You were mentioning about Etege tayetu, i want to ask you this, in the tradition you came from do you gusy allow woman to be anything other than a house wife? please watch what your fellow tegray Dr Argewyen said about you culture, how oppressive and dominating it is when it comes to woman, much less to allow woman to become Quen. So my friend as I said it earlier please focus on your own miss steps you did throughout history instead of blaming Amhara. But by no means I am implying there was no good tegray leader came from that region, some of my favorite hero such as Ras Alula Abanega, Atse Yohanes are some of our dearest leaders and army general.

  2. Writer, correction, people like you are emulating the name of Amhara from nothing to the title of ethnic? wow, there was no or there is no an ethnic called Amhara. The Gonderes are Beja Axumite Pows who were settled in Siemen Tigray now which was called Beja mdr which as in turn corrupted to begmdr and then now corrupted to Gonder and these people are beja from Meroe. The Wollleyes are most of them Agew who hailed from the middle east , Cannan who were removed by their land by Joshua, biblical and were settled by Axumites in Wollo of today and Gonder. Which means Wollo and Gojam is not Amhara, but Agew. Shewa is a mix of Axumite slavers and Tigreans rulers who ruled Ankober during Axumite. Most Shewans are west African slaves of Axumite. So where is then Amharic ethnic? where did you get it man? You people just making things exist from nothing? TPLF created Amhara land from vacuum? now you are telling us there is Amharaa ethnic ? where ? when did this ethnic exist ? There is no trace of Amhara ethnic in human history..

  3. The other things, what is Popens? you do not use such Shakepearan words when you writing to the public?

    1. Why are you belittling the Empress who defeated Italian Army with just one arrow and captured 100,000 italians with one stone . Menilik II had done miracles in the battle of Adowa. Don’t wasste your time to destroy the remarkable history these precious people wrote in the mounts of Adowa. You arte racist, idiot bunch of TPLF spies in diaspora.TPLF criminal men leading Tigray will be locked up any time soon,mark words .You and Debresion are working not for Tigray but for your own evil ends.

  4. The other things, what is Ponens? you do not use such Shakepearan words when you writing to the public?

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