By Gebreselema

 The one who is the master of injustice cannot give me justice.

God promised to Abraham that he will bless the world because of him.  Reason, Abraham was obedient to God. He was simple and God fearing man. There is a verse in the Bible that states if one can have a little faith , as little as castor seed, one can move the mountains.  Faith is important.  Everything under the sun is unfaithful or can change or fail, be it human or non human.   When the Israelites faced slavery, injustice in their 430 years refuge in  Ancient Egypt, they cried to God.  God heard their cry.  God did choose a liberator, Moses but Pharaoh refused to set the people of Israel free from slavery. As result God has to bring upon Egypt  10 rounds of  plague to free the Israelites from slavery. So God did liberate the Israelites. God did justice and this is a biblical true history of the Israelites. Then there was no United Nation, America, Russia or China or any nation that can liberate them.  It is God himself singled handedly by picking Moses from among the people he set the people free from injustice and slavery.

I promise you Tegru, you will not get justice from human, but only from God.  Knowing this truth, every Tigraway must tighten his gird and start march to freedom from injustice. This requires day and night hard work, motivation, vigor, zeal, selflessness, commitment, determination.  The struggle for justice must start inside Tigray and now without delay. There is no sleep after now.  Enemies are sometimes good. Reason, they awaken you deeply and they motivate you to work hard.  The more people push me hard,  the harder I become and the stronger I become.  I never allow people to dictate me or to limit me. The limit is the sky.

Why I says enemies are good? well, if America or the rest of Europe did not have Nazi, they would not have been where they are today.  If Germany did not work on Nuclear weapon development, and if  Albert Eistein did not escape to America, America would not own today Nuclear Science Technology. If Nazi did not work on radio communication using Magnetron and Klystron, America would not have today radar warfare, electronic warfare capabilities.  Fear of Nazi awakened European and North Americans to work hard and to counter the threat. This brought advancement in Technology.  If the USA was not working on missile guidance systems against Germany, it would not have invented Transistor.  So Nazi has inspired America to be the hub of innovation. Reason, fear of threat of enemies. 

If  Israel did not have enemies, it would not be what it is today. Israel knows it has mortal enemies who promise openly to erase Israel from  the face of the earth. Israel knows its enemies and it does its home work. Despite Israel is about 9.4 million population versus billions of people, no one can dare to touch Israel.

Israel had experienced somewhat what Tigreans experienced the past 4 years. The Yom Kippur War, also known as the Ramadan War, the October War, the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, or the Fourth Arab–Israeli War, was an armed conflict fought from October 6 to 25, 1973 between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria, DatesOct 6, 1973 – Oct 25, 1973 .[Wikipedia].

During this war, almost all Arab countries supported by Russia Airpower and their own air power attacked Israel.  Israel won the war, but at greater cost. But that war has made Israel more mighty afterwards.  The unmanned aerial vehicle or combat Unmanned aerial vehicle ( UCAS)  was invented by Abraham Karim as a result of the war because Israelites were motivated to do more to protect themselves from another round because if they come again to wage war, it would be to wipe out Israel.  The American Predator and the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 are Israel inventions which was developed to defend Israel,but used to kill on Tigray soil.

Why I am saying all these ? Well, it is time to wake up for Tigreans inside and outside, to think beyond all  human under the sun because what Tigreans faced under the sun is beyond human and Tigreans must think beyond all human to defend themselves. There is no human who can give justice to Tigray. Seeking justice from other human is waiting for more injury.  Tigreans must know Justice can only be gotten from God, not from human.  The experience of the Israelites is a living testament.  If Israel was to fold its hands, no one human save it again.

To realize justice for Tigray and Tigreans, Tigreans need to work and think beyond human because the problem Tigreans experienced is beyond human standard. Even Israel did not face this kind of serious existential threat. Israel had standing army, and air power. Tigray had nothing to lean on.

Tigreans must use the Tragedy as an opportunity to rise from the ashes to the stars.  Every Tigreans must not sleep after now until Justice will be served no where but on the court of Axum.  There is no any other alternatives to this. You cannot sit and hope for justice to come.

The reclaiming, restoring and rebuilding of Axum is inevitable and to realize that we need to start from scratch by going back the days of King Zoscale. King Zoschale is the man who erected for us the tall Axum monument.  It is not a decoration. It is a covenant Oath of Axum to always rise and stand tall.  That is our model of standing tall in perpetuality.  To resurrect this covenant we need to avoid anything that is against this covenant of Hidri  King Zoscale.

Together we can move the mountains and stand tall locally, regionally, continentally and globally. Let us change tragedy, injustice and genocide  into a never seen opportunity.

By aiga

3 thoughts on “Justice from God to Tigray and Tigreans, but not from Human”
  1. By the way where are you located now? you are suggested all these nonsense from the comfort of living in the west while the rest is still suffering from the previous madness created by the likes of you who are always good at starting war and leading from a thousand miles away. You have no shame to talk about another revolution or whatever you call it political nonsense and you comparing tigray with Israel are you out of your mind, what kind of pull shit is this? Forget Axumite , you are not even the tigray it was 30 years ago, what kind of poison you all drank that make you think like crazy.?

  2. Gebreselema,
    I think you don’t know Ethiopian History. Nobody in Ethiopia had ill will against the Tigrai people. We, from the center learned that Tigrai is the starting point of our faith and country. We took the history of our country as it is. The bad and good are both part of our history. All we needed was to make the future better. Then, came TPLF to power with the support of most of Ethiopian people. It didn’t take long for TPLF to write the current constitution by aligning with OLF. Then started the nightmare of Ethiopians especially Amhara. It took 27 years to remove TPLF. Now, rather than changing course to bring about inclusive constitution and move on both OLF/OPDO and TPLF fought for power. Of course the Amhara originally aligned itself with OPDO because of the past 27 years experience.
    Do you now think Tigrai should go alone about its reconstruction and development? There is no lesson learnt? I wish there are elders who can say enough is enough and reconcile the Ethiopian people to develop together. In doing so each individual citizen should be free to choose with whom he/she affiliated in political affairs. Cultural issues go to Civil Societies’ where it belongs.

  3. It is just a tiny reminder, Holy BIble makes no mention of caster seed in a way you explained it here in your writing. It is a mustard seed. A castor seed is bigger than a mustard seed.

    Amhara fano killing squad, eritrean mercenaries must live Tigray as per the peace deal. Furthermore, Amhara people living in Humera and welkait should leave any of towns and villages in western Tigray within 72 hours!!!!

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