By Teodros Kiros ( Ph.D.)

In accordance with  spiritual modernity, first articulated by Zara Yacob, the Tigrean-Ethiopian philosopher of the 17 century, the devastated Tigray needs a New Thinking as the corner stone of rebuilding it with purpose, relevance and meaning which must inhabit its desecrated lands. This project is not an easy undertaking but is a categorical moral and political imperative.  

I should now like to articulate the content of this New Thinking, as I  call it, on three levels, (a) its public form among the people, who matter most, and who lost their lives in search of sovereignty, ( b) the entrenchment in the habits of the previous party, which spoke on the behalf of the people, at least appeared to be so and finally (c) the new intellectual elites who claim to be the voices of New Thinking, when in reality they are renewed forms of the  Old Thinking popularized by TPLF.

  •   By New Thinking, I mean a thinking that begins the project of newness by searching its soul, and making sure that its soul is in good condition and that it is continuing to examine itself, as an imperative spiritual exercise. This self-examining soul does not point at others. It points at itself first, and only after that, can it use itself as a measure  and demand that others do the same, if they can, and if they are willing to do so. For such persons, if there are such, self-examination is a necessary and sufficient condition  for the possibility of cultivating New Thinking.  New Thinking is a potential towards which we Tigreans must grow.  We are not born as persons, we grow to become persons.  On this measure New Thinking, like personhood, is a possibility that we must consciously cultivate.  This New Thinking requires, Exemplary Leaders, which we do not have, but we must cultivate them, if we are to rebuild a New Tigray, which must be embodied in new leaders for whom New Thinking could become a motivating attribute.

(b)My observation is that self-examination is not part of our civic virtues, but the New Tigray must be inhabited by those who are willing and committed to embrace New Thinking, because our dire Tigrean condition exacerbated by the civil war has only taught us to point at others and not our own souls first.  This challenge is a categorical imperative. We must first be willing to change, and them commit ourselves to do what we must and cultivate the persons we wish to be.  Choice must be resolutely followed by change.

The old party is saturated with old thinking, distrustful of the genuinely educated Tigreans, whose works we do not know, and yet we judge them  from a distance, without research.  We live in a society that does not encourage reading, writing or authentic dialogues. We  willfully block, ridicule, imprison,  harass and ignore all those who disagree with us. We divide churches, groupings, parties on ethnic lines, by going to the level of villages, and give individuals virtues and vices on the basis of the villages from which they come.  These practices are the content of Old Thinking, which refuses to die, and is destroying Tigreans inside out. It is precisely this corrosive and outmoded thinking, the opposite of the requirements of Spiritual Modernity, spearheaded by Zara Yacob, which we must consciously and resolutely cultivate, or else Tigray will not be fully restored. Yes we can restore the building and factories in time but not the damaged souls of its people.  The latter restoration demands deep spiritual cleaning guided by the Heart.

©After recently attending  a two day meeting of  Tigrean scholars which I attended dutifully and made several attempts to participate by raising my hands and was willfully ignored, I despaired and realized that Tigray is in serious trouble. My intention was to engage the current leader of the Tigrean people in a genuine dialogue, but was willfully blocked with several others who wanted to do the same.

This event reminded  me of TPLF’s worn out tactic of choosing its own fake scholars who grew up under its leadership and have internalized its old habits in a new form.  They are surely young but their ideas are replicas of the old thinking, with its self-serving agendas and jargonistic language, a hybrid of English phrases and belabored Tigrigna words, repetitive, long and mostly irrelevant with all kinds of technocratic staff aiming at making money when NGOS begin to bombard Tigray.

This is not what Tigray needs.  Tigray needs modern spiritual thinkers unafraid of new ideas based on the demonstrated accomplishment of its genuine and globally respected scholars who teach and write books, and not merely convene two day conferences which achieve nothing other than impress one another.

The New Thinking I am calling for must be genuinely inclusive of scholars with demonstrated abilities in books and international recognition, and not merely a gathering of clannish, close minded so called scholars, chosen by the old party and pushing its old ideas in new forms.

The Tigrean  people must challenge this and demand that we think  and act courageously as we rebuild the New Tigray we want and retire old ideas and replace them with new ideas propelled by New Thinking.

By aiga

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  1. Amhara bishops and unholy synod must be detained for instigating violence and for their genocidal role in Ethiopian darkest history-shameful history to be handed down to the next generation says:

    የወንጀለኞች፥ጠንቋዮች፤ባለቅምጦች፤ሙሰኞች፤ተብታቢዎች ፤ፖለቲከኞች ጥርቅም የሆኑት በቅድስና ስም ቁማር የሚ ጫወቱት የነፍጠኛ ፋኖ ጳጳሳት የመንበረ ሰላማ ቅዱስ ሲኖዶስ ሹመትን ለማስቆም ዳግመኛ አቢይ እገዛ እንዲያደርግላቸው ጠየቁ፤፤ጦርነት ለማስቆም ያልጠየቁ ፤የህፃናት እና የአረጋውያን ፤የቀሳውስት እና የመነኮሳት ዕልቂትን ለማስቆም ጥሪ ያላደረጉ ወንዴዎች ለግብርና ለቀረጥ አሥራ ት በኩራት እንዳይቀርባቸው ለሥልጣናቸው ብቻ ሲሉ ለቤተመንግሥት ሹማምንት ደብዳቤ ላኩ፤፤ከመንግሥት እሽታን ካገኙ እነዚህ ሆድ አደር አረመኔዎች ጦር እንዲያዘምትላቸው ከመጠየቅ እንደማይመለሱ መጪ ትዉልድ የሚያፍርበት ያለፈ ታሪካቸው ማስረጃ ነው፤፤ አንባቢው ያስተውል መጽሐፋችን ዕየጥፋትን ርኩሰት በተቀደሰችው ስፍራ ቆሞ ስታዩ፥ አንባቢው ያስተውልዕ ይላል። ማቴ ፳፬ ፡ ፲፭። በተቀደሰች ስፍራ መቆም የሚገባቸው ቅዱሳን ናቸው። ግን የጥፋት ርኩሰት ባለቤቶች መቆም ሲጀምሩ ተመልካቹ ማስተዋል ።።። ቤተመቅደስን ያረከሱ ጵጵስናን፤አስኬማ መነኮሳትን ያረከሱ ሥልጣናችን ረቂቅ ዕውቀታችን ምጡቅ ብለው የሚታጀሩ ያአምልኮት መልክ እንኳ የሌላቸው ቁማርተኞች በተቀደሰ ሥፍራ ሳይገባቸው ገብተው የክርስቶስን ቤት አረከሱት፤፤ስፍር ጥር የሌለውን ምዕመን አሰናከሉት፤፤የነፍጠኛ ጳጳሳት ከአቡነ ቆውስጦስ በቀር ሥልጣናቸውን ይልቀቁ፤፤አብዛኞዎቹ በጉቦ በሥርቆት ጥንቆላ በዘር በጎሳ በትውቂያ በመማጃ ነው የተሾሙት፤፤ሳይገባቸው የጰጰሱ ቤተክርስቲያኗን ማፊያዎች ማህበረ ርኩሳን ይፍረስ ንብረቱን ለመግስት ያስረክብ

    All members of the Amhara Synod must resign and Mahibre Seytan must be dismantled as soon as possible.

    They are encouraging violence across the country and begging the violent Ethiopian government to intervene.

    Nobody can be coerced into joining any faith, and all Tigrayans support and run the Menbere Selama Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Tigray. No secular leader, let alone a Fano bishop, priest, or pastor, is allowed to meddle.

    Amhara bishops who are inciting violence and must be arrested and kept in cages

    Amhara bishops and unholy synod must be detained for instigating violence and for their genocidal role in Ethiopian darkest history-shameful history to be handed down to the next generation

    1. Some pointed questions for you. Who started the war? Who refused the long line of the elderly, women, athlete, politicians who went to Mekele to beg, some on their knees Debre Tsion not to start the war? Who attacked the Northern Command and slaughtered Ethiopian soldiers? Who swarmed into Afar and Amhara regions and went on a killing spree of the innocent, raped women including the elderly? Who desecrated churches including defecating inside holy places? Who destroyed museums, and wildlife sanctuaries? Who destroyed factories, hospitals and schools in Amhara and Afar?? You started a war with the full intention of taking power and then destroying Ethiopia by breaking up the country into many small parts ruled by puppets that you can control. You took the risk and you paid the price. No crying now. You better wake up and face reality.

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