UNION of Tigrayans in North America (UTNA), a US based civic organization, once again is calling for the full and complete implementation of the Cecessatin of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) signed in Pretoria on November 2, 2024. CoHA being the fruit of ultimate sacrifice of the heroes and heroines of Tigray, UTNA was one of the first civic organization to voice its full support for the agreement.

The people of Tigray and all peace-loving peoples and the international community embraced the Pretoria agreement as a way forward to achieve lasting peace in Ethiopia and the region. Despite the Ethiopian Government’s repeated deliberate intrigues and delay tactics to obstruct the implementation of the agreement, the Tigrayan people has been waiting patiently and doing its part hoping for the full implementation of CoHA.

However, the PM Abiy of Ethiopia and his coconspirators continued relentlessly to employee concerted conspiracy to obstruct and distort the Pretoria Agreement in its content and form. They continued to disseminate lies and divisive rumors to discredit the Tigray civil and military leaders and downplay the importance of CoHA.

In the meeting he held on March 15, 2024, with Tigrayan elders in Addis Ababa, PM Abiy expressed his defiance to the agreement his government signed 17 months ago. In the remarks he threw with words of intimidation and defamation, he clearly indicated that he is in no mood to implement the agreement and is intending to fabricate a pretext to abort the well-regarded peace process.

The Pretoria agreement clearly calls for the withdrawal of the Amhara militias and the Eritrean government forces and the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Tigray, the return of IDPs, access to social services and humanitarian aid, and the accountability of those who committed genocides to name the few. However, except for the limited commencement of social services, the major articles of the agreement have not been implemented to date, and PM Abiy continued to obstruct and resist the efforts to implement the agreement in full.

Moreover, PM Abiy is citing and quoting agreements such as the Algiers Agreement, which has no relevance and relation whatsoever to the CoHA with the intention of granting Ethiopian (Tigrayan) land to Eritrea. Similarly, in direct contradiction with Pretoria agreement, the PM is calling for an uncalled and unwarranted referendum on Western and Southern sovereign territories of Tigray, currently occupied forcefully by the Amhara militia. He is saying that the DIPs can return to their homes and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) would ensure their safety, but the facts on the ground are in contrary with his assertion. The ENDF which, in collaboration

with the Amhara militia and Eritrean army, committed genocide on the people Tigray and which is currently assisting the Amhara militia cannot be a protector of Tigrayans. As recently as of February and the first week of March 2024, the ENDF, instead of protecting them from eviction, has escorted more than 1200, mostly women and children, evicted Tigrayans to Sheraro. These are Tigrayans the Amhara militias forcefully evicted from their homes in western Tigray.

Such acts of belligerence are precursor for instability, and we call upon all Ethiopians, guarantors of the peace agreement and the international community to condemn in the strongest terms possible this ill intension and unacceptable behavior of PM Abiy.

The people of Tigray, like the people in the rest of Ethiopia, are peace loving people and the least they want is war and instability, and they have never initiated war but have a history of successfully resisting wars imposed on them. UTNA strongly believes that the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement is the only way to peace in the region, and therefore the guarantors and the international community need to stop PM Abiy from derailing the peace agreement. UTNA calls upon:

  1. All peace-loving Ethiopians to stand by the side of the people of Tigray and call for the full implementation of the Pretoria Agreement, and furthermore call upon the PM Abiy’s government to stop the bloodshed in Oromia and Amhara and resolve the conflict through peaceful negotiation.
  2. Tigray diaspora to renew their unity and resolve and be voice for the people of Tigray in its relentless effort and aspiration for the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement.
  3. The Pretoria Agreement guarantors, the AU, the US, and all peace-loving international community members to exert the necessary pressure on PM Abiy to fulfill his obligation and implement the CoHA fully and in its entirety, and to stop killing his people in other parts of Ethiopia.
  4. The people of Tigray upheld their unity, to stand firm and keep pushing for the full implementation of CoHA, the restoration of their constitutional rights and their regional sovereignty.
  • The interim government of Tigray, the TPLF, the TDF, the Opposition parties of Tigray, leaders of religious establishments and civic organization to consolidate their unity and give timely leadership and fully support the people of Tigray in its fight to achieve peace and justice.

Finally, UTNA reiterates that it shall always stand by the people of Tigray and vows to do all in its power for the fulfillment of the aspirations and demands of the people.

Eternal Glory and Honor to Our Martyrs!!!

Union of Tigrayans in North America (UTNA) March 20, 2024

Washington, DC

By aiga

One thought on “The Full Implementation of CoHA is the Only Way to Achieve Peace.”
  1. In other words you are demanding the return of what you call Western Tigray (Wolkite and surrounding area) and Southern Tigray (Part of Raya) to the regional Government of Tigray. Why do you think the Amhara people who was displaces from its ancestral land back in 1991 would accept this kind of one sided measures? If you want to be reasonable you would at least accept what the Federal Government is advocating which is to keep the areas under the Federal Government until such time when referendum is possible. I don’t think the Amhara people would accept the idea of the Federal Government because it would be giving a chance to a robber to have equal rights with the robbed one.

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