Tamrat Yemane a long-time Aigaforum reporter based in Tigray died due to a long-time illness. Tamrat was also a veteran and experienced journalist who worked in several media outlets including Dimtsi Weyane before joining Aigaforum.

Tamrat Yemane, an experienced journalist who stood to confront authorities by pushing the day-to-day challenges of the average man passed away today at the age of 51 after a long illness. Tamrat left Aigaforum in 2018 due to the prevailing political conditions at the time. His funeral service was held on February 3, 2016(Geez Calander), in the afternoon. at the Gabriel Church in Mekelle Tigray.

Early on Tamrat worked In the editorial department of the Mekalah newspaper and magazine in the Tigray Regional Information Bureau. he was a key contributor in the USAID-funded INTERNEWS project, which focuses on HIV prevention in all Ethiopian languages.

At Aigaforum, Tamrat produced and reported on many issues that affect many lives. He contributed by producing documentaries and news covering the various socio-economic and political developments in Ethiopia. Before the downfall of the EPRDF government, Tamrat confronted political and regional leaders with the then-prevailing developments of displacement and harassment of minorities within their regions. He was also a key contributor to many online discussion forums like Pal-talk.

Tamrat has been working tirelessly to prepare a magazine in collaboration with the Tigray HIV Prevention and Control Office. In the magazine, “HIV AIDS is a pain for some, a party for others!” He argued and exposed the inappropriateness of distributing the budget allocated for HIV/AIDS prevention in the form of allowances and banquets. He also taught extensive lectures on HIV/AIDS prevention in national media including Tigray and Southern Oromia regions in Dire-Dawa.

Tamrat was tortured, beaten, and arrested following his exposure to the cowardly genocidal forces in Mekelle under the guise of curfew during the genocidal war of the past years.

Journalist Teamrat Yemane was a journalist who lived his life to the fullest and reported everything without fear. lately, Tamrat has been working as a reporter journalist in Tigray for Hakfen Media.

Journalist Tamrat Yemane will be remembered by his only son and wife. He was born on September 10, 1965, and died on Feb 3, 2016.(Geez Calander)

Our deepest condolences to the  Family of Tamrat.


Feb 11, 2024.

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