Respect the Integrity and Dignity of TOTC

Kalayu Abraha

When someone points the index finger at someone else it has to realize that the three other fingers are pointing back at him/her. We pointed out index finger so rigidly at the toxic archbishops of the EOTC Synod for acting weirdly by more than echoing the Federal Government’s noise of war. It has been not only an overt heresy but also a gross violation of the constitution. The separation of the Church and state is not only a legal issue but also a logical and moral one. It may be understandable that ‘old habits die hard’ or ‘habits are second nature’. The association between politicians and Church authority could be just a matter of habit; it may also be a deliberate abuse of the social power of the Church for political ends.

We are proud of the political leaders of Tigray and we have our deep respects for them. The novel experiences we Tigrayans are going through has got the wisdom of the leaders to overcome the ultra-complex problems we are facing. We have been tolerant beyond out human capacities when those who destroyed Tigray are trying to flirt with our leaders as if nothing serious happened. They are staging a series of well composed political drama to manipulate psychologically and achieve the initial goals they have never abandoned. The game they are playing with intent is: ”We will tire you out; We will make you forget; We will make you dependent on us; We will turn off your future plans and format you to blindly follow our guidelines”.

The way our leaders are playing their part of the political drama has put us in a huge dilemma: We want to blame them for foolishly going too far in the gruesome opera in the name of patience and political tactic. The question is how far do they follow them on this uncharted path the destination of which they only know? I recall a political cartoon on Time Magazine during the Polish political turmoil where the trade union ‘Solidarity’ was engaged in a political tug-of-war with Jaruzelski. The cartoon shows Jaruzelski drawing red lines one after the other for Solidarity to stop there. The red lines were not stopping Solidarity but pushing Jaruzelski more and more towards the edge of the cliff behind him. Everyone knows what happened in the end. Jaruzelski was overthrown without achieving any of its demands from Solidarity! I know it is the leaders of Tigray who are on the fire. It may be inappropriate to blame from a safe distance. However, the tragic fact that Tigray’s key demands are far from being met, while the political circus is at full swing, is a sufficient reason to have long sleepless nights.  The Federal Government is using extremely deceptive tactics which can trick even the most alert of politicians.

Despite out worst fears of the possibilities of the enemies of Tigray getting what they want at a much lesser cost, right from the hands of the leaders of Tigray, we cannot help but trust the leaders. Beginning from the first video-recorded Pretoria meetings to the last rendezvous with Regional leaders the body languages of the leaders of Tigray have become too excessive instilling fear in us. Politicians can do all kinds of diplomatic tactics- embracing, kissing, chatting loudly and laughing hilariously. However, involving TOTC archbishops in these kinds of political drama hits at the core of the morale of the people of Tigray. Politics in Tigray seems to be trivializing the honor and dignity of the archbishops of TOTC and by extension the honor and dignity of the people of Tigray.

At this critical juncture in the long history of Tigray the honor of nationhood of Tigray squarely lies on the TOTC not as such on its political leaders. It is double standards on the part of the Tigray political leaders to blame EOTC Archbishops serving Prosperity Party while at the same time marching honorable archbishops of Tigray to receive PP leaders who have been until very recently trying their best to eliminate Tigrayans from the face  of the earth; including the archbishops of course. Leaders of Tigray, play your politics with the PP leaders as long as it helps Tigray’s short and long term mission. You may succeed or fail; you may be lulled into sleep like before by consecutive political drama; but leave TOTC alone. That is the only hope at our disposal. Don’t open the gates so widely for the EOTC archbishops who are doing their best to get a loophole into destroying Menbere Selama.

If the leaders of Tigray are pushing Menbere Selama into the hands of the EOTC history will have no mercy on you. Either support it and encourage it or leave it alone for its followers. Don’t shake the morale foundation of Tigray by parading TOTC archbishops every time PP Tom Dick and Harry arrive at Alula Aba Nega. Tigray is being dishonored by what is being done to receive even journalists who have to use a taxi to their hotels without anyone noticing them. Respect the people of Tigray and others will follow. Amharic Proverb: “Balebetu Yakelelewn Amole Bale Eda Aykebelewm”.

By aiga