By Belay

First it was a response against injustices and failure of enactment of international law that led the Eritreans to stand and struggle for independence. Given the way they were treated by the two  imperial monarchs that controlled the rest of the land known as Ethiopia, they had no choice but carry arms to claim back their sense of Eritrean identity, be that it was their own or Italian make up.

At the time of the Scramble for Africa 1885, it was not only the Europeans but  the much less talked about black African colonisers were in league with in the partition of the continent among themselves. The European coloniser realised that without the participation of the black colonisers, the likes of Menelik/ምኒልክ,  the vision of controlling and exploiting African human and material resources were hard to succeed. 

It was precisely for these reasons that Menelik was provided with European arms and cash to subdue southern part of Ethiopia so that the Europeans manpower would not be unduly stretched and obstructed. 

When African colonies began to gain independence in 1945 – 1960 (African Unity year) from Europeans, the case for Ethiopia colonies from their black slave owners, and Eritrea took a different path. 

Yes, Eritrea got rid of  the Italians but then Ethiopia not only claimed Eritrea  and succceded to annex, but even far more worse, Eritrea instead of being liberated, Ethiopia strangled it. Likewise, Ethiopia strengthened  it grips and began defacing the nations and nationalities it had previously effectively colonised with the backhand support of Europeans.  

Under the two monarchs and latter a military dictator It started  resettlement programmes in Gambells, Wellega, Harrier and some southern regions mainly with Amharas, its power base nationality , so that the Amharas would control key areas to advance the colonisation and domination agenda that was put in place.

To make a long history/story short and come back to Eritrea: after independence Eritreans recognised that they were not the only unfortunate nation to fall under the grips of the Ethiopian colonial hands, after they free at last,   from the Italian masters, but also were many other nations and nationalities who were under the jaws of the Amhara rulers, who were  treated as slaves, serfs, helots and coerced to adopt  Amhara language and way of life but without the merits and benefits the Amharas were entitled as their birth rights.

Once the Eritreans achieved their independence with the full grace and support of the Tigrayans, they felt there was a free way to penetrate deep into Ethiopia and just like the Amharas did, they in turn could exploit the subject nations and nationalities to their benefit but this time not by colonising the nations and nationalities, the way the Amharas did, but by setting each other at logger heads. The Eritreans perceived these people, and rightly so, as diverse and unrelated by any means of imagination, be it culture, language or religion, to live together  harmoniously. Likewise, the Eritrean also saw these people less developed and advanced and some below the required geographic and number to  set their own independence- hence vulnerable to outside influence and control. The Eritreans felt they would fill the gap to do that.

To do this the Eritrean only saw one obstacle on their way and needed to get rid of – the Tigray people.

 The Eritrean were and still are not only envious of the Tigrayans  as owners of their own proud history and wish to see them removed from the face the earth, so the Eritreans could claim as the sole proprietors of the past pages of history but also they felt the need to get rid of Tigrayans from the region to access and facilitate the exploitation and expropriation of the rest who are now subjects of the Amhara elites, who are now losing their grip of power.

Eritreans suffer a  fear of lack of identity, which they shouldn’t, unless they are victims of self inflicted sciophbia. All Tigryans are not from the place called Aksum, I am not but I am a proud part of that historical past, so would be a person from Agame, Shire, Welkait, Enders, Tembenei, Shere, Hansen, Bala, Sahel, Akologzay, Shaho, Erobetay, etc …. .  Aksumite belongs to Tigrayans and Eritreans. It was the product and run by all the people who lived in the historic region.

It belonged to all of us no better no less but equal. 

However, Isayas’ Eritreans do not feel that way. But that is their problem. That said, the trouble we face is that people with mental illness do not affect only themselves but also others and stand Byers. 

This being the case, it looks Tigray has two intractable and deadly enemies – the Eritrea under this group called EPLF and some old remnants of Italian stooges and the Amharas.

 It is imperative  for Tigray to make sure these elements of Eritreans we now face are completely disarmed and disbanded. They are a danger to anyone in the region – dogs infected with rabid running around. 

There is  only one solution with such dogs. Ask the Doctor what it is the Doctor prescribes to get rid of of rabid!

Without their removal from the Eritrean political map Tigray and Eritrea   will never have the peace it needs to survive and thrive.  

At this point in time the number one enemy is this group and the entire focus need to be this, full stop.

This Eritrean group is the main force of reaction that saw the seeds of division and confusion among Tigrayans so not to be United. 

Unless we understand this we will not solve our problems for good.

It works round the clock to plants seed of discontent and mistrust among Tigrayans as well as Eritreans. Every Tigrayans need to be aware of this and tooth and nail combat this divisive tactics EPLF Eritrea does to us!   

By aiga

13 thoughts on “Eritrea Tigray’s existential threat !”
  1. Well said, but it is good to know all the Variables of the Tigray cause. Merely the presence of enemy does not do the harm, actually the presence of enemies good because enemies keep you awake all the time. The problem the terminal ill leadership in Tigray that enabled the enemies to do harm to the people of Tigray.
    Israel has many enemies. The whole Islamic world wish Israel erased from the face of the earth. But Israel does its home work. We see today where Israel is in terms of threats. So the presence of enemies per is not enough to be liable to enemies. What has been hurting Tigray more than enemies is the most stupid TPLF leadership who has never had any vision for Tigray, be it defense, economy sphere. They claim they fought to liberate Tigray, but they did not. They did not actually understand Tigray problem leave alone to liberate Tigray.
    Tigray problem Genesis:
    . Tigray has had 4 stage of siege in the past 1300 years
    1. Tigray siege in the 7th century when Arabs blocked Axum from the red sea cutting Tigray trade to Africa, Asia, Europe which led to the down fall of Axum after Axum saved the rapists.
    2. Second Siege started by Arabs was tightened on Tigray by Mussolonic and Menelick and Menelick divided Tigray into 4 pieces:
    A. Part of Tigray was put in Wollo
    B. Another piece of Tigray was put in Gojam
    C. Another pieces was put in Gonder
    D. Another piece is the current map of Tigray, Menelck map of Tigray and this is not Tigray. This is layered sieged Tigray and it must be clear Tigray map , the current one is not Tigray map. This is a map of an enemy.
    E.. Half Tigray was sold to Italy for 289 000 guns and 1 million Lira:
    This is Menelick siege of Tigray
    3. TPLF siege of Tigray in 1991. At least Haileslassie did better job bringing Tigray together and allowing Titgray to own its historical and ancestral red sea. But TPLF came and recycled Menelcik and Mussoloni project put Tigray under tight siege and TPLF bragging the red sea is for camels?
    4. 4th siege of Tigray put on by Abiy, America, Issayas, because TPLF did much of the work of TIgray siege,
    This did cost now the whole Tigray.
    Sorry, but Tigray can lose nothing more than 1.5 million or the whole Tigray. Tigray is genocide physically, spiritually, and Tigray can lose nothing less or more than it did. It must be Tigreans who decided about Eritrea after now. Eritrea is not anymore an Eritrean issue. It is beyond that. The Issue of Eritrea is only about Issayas, it is the whole thing. The whole Eritrean independence or sovereignty is either based on enemy project ffrom day one or recycled by TPLF based on stupidity and now is under the manipulation of external actors. Eritrea is our historical and ancestral land. We have a 100% right decide about our land where it must be. We must trap ourselves in the legacy of enemies. It is important Tigrean understand TPFL is not less evil than Issayas because it TPLF who enabled every enemies to bleed us do death. It is TPLF who enabled Issayas to come again to do genocide. Issayas must have been arrested in 2000 and judged in Mekelle. But TPLF saved him in the 11th hour and gave him second life to come again. We must consdier TPLF as part of the big problem and the main enabler of enemies. Tigreans must say enough to TPLF too. The issue of Eritrea is not one person issue. It is religiou s issue and itis historical issue and it is ancestral issue. it is security issue. It is geopoliitcal issue and Tigreans has to decided about it. We will never allow reckless TPLF to play with the blood of Tegtarus after now.

  2. You also said Eritrean identity? that is an illusion, there is no such identity. Rhodesia is not an identity. It was a colonial nickname. There is Saho in Tigray and Saho in north Tigray, I do not even wanted to recognize the Italian name of after now. There is Saho in South Tigray and there is Saho in North Tigray. There is Kunama, in both and there is afar in both and there are Tegarus in both, it is just one family divided into two for enemies agenda only. Let us call it after now Tigray and to do that will pay the price than to wait under genocide which will definitely come. Eritrea Muslims were seen cutting the right hands of Tigrean priests and that must be the last call for action, because it is given time, it will come in more devasting way.

    You said you are not Axum ? Where are you from ? Axum is not the town ? Axum the whole Tigray ( South and North ) = Gonder + part of Gojam and plus part of Wollo. Axum had head of office in the town of Axum, In Zoola as port city palace and Adekemhrere

  3. Belay, the time for bravado is over you do not seem you still not getting it even after all these disastrous mistake. so word of advice, your problem is not eritra. you are your own best enemy so re focus your attention and energy on your own twisted culture full of bravado.. Just a reminder, welkait is not part of tegray so please remove from your note, it was annexed 1983 so say good by to welkayet once and for good, but the 27 years memory will survive you so for the rest of your life just enjoy the memory. By the way, what the hell is nations and nationalities means anyway,? total weyane garbage

  4. Gojam, Aka Gohaf HGDF. Whose culture twisted? You know in you heart Tigray means the whole package which includes : Menelick Tigray + Menelick Eritrea + TPLF Afar, plus half of Wollo, plus the whole Gojam, plus the whole Gonder. Forget Wokait Eritrea, you injured internally as well as physically. I agree on one thing, the so called nations and nationalities was a twisted, misguided TPLF ideology that play with blood of Tegarus. I do not think the TPLF still get it about that miscarriage. But Axum is coming on you and we are not looking back. you know who were are ? You know our culture, our alphabet, our calendar, our Axumite, you know we eat Zigni, Himbasha, kIcha sna,, you know the Teff that you crave to it ,and the dress that you dress is all Tigreans. You know the kebero? the Krar, the dancing, Sisit, you know us, you Alula Aba Nega, you know Queen Shebia, you know king Zoscahle, you know we the most civilized nation on the planet? you know deep in your heart you got nothing but empty. But how you dare to tells our culture is twisted, bastard, Lkmkam, Warada, what culture do you ? you pee in your house right? Werada, is there any cultured and civilized society like Tegarus? You know who we are ? you open your big mouth here, rkash, ,you use your language Geez, our alphabet, Calendar, our Teff, our long history, that surpasses any history.. Kursus Erkus

  5. corretion: you use our language Geez, our alphabet, Calendar, our Teff, our long history, that surpasses any history.. Kursus Erkus
    You must get out of here, Ata Gohaf,

  6. This is nothing but historical revision by a disgruntled TPLF individual who decides to post his garbage on the internet in the hopes that it becomes the truth. When the Italians took control of Mereb Melash and Bahr Medir and renamed it “Eritrea”, it was Yohan-anus that was the supreme leader of Ethiopia. It was under Yohan-anus’ watch that Ethiopia lost Mereb Melash and Bahr Medir and along with it access to the sea. It was under Yohan-anus’ watch that what is today the vast territory of Eastern Sudan was handed over to the Mahdist Sudanese. (Yohan-anus trusted whites over his own people and ended up getting his stupid head cut off. and In a similar manner TPLF trusted the white Europeans and Americans to whom it had faithfully played the compliant house negro, to save it from destruction.) It was Yohan-anus the IV with his own ignorant and stupid style of leadership that handed over northern Ethiopian territories originally knows as Mereb Melash and Bahr Medir to the Italians. Yohan-anus did this even over the objections of his own fellow Tigrayan, Ras Alula Aba Nega who was visionary enough to see the European strategy of encirclement and encroachment. It was Yohan-anus’ stupid military blunders that enabled the Mahdist Sudanese to cut off Yahan-anus’ head (which he did not need since he never used it) and occupied Ethiopia up to Gonder. It was Emperor Menelik who regained some of the territories lost by Yohan-anus IV but Sudan still controls vast territories in what is known as Gedaruf handed over to the Mahdist Sudanese much like Mereb Melash and Bahr Medir were handed over to the Italians. It was the poison pill of racism and apartheid that the TPLF locust enforced on Ethiopians in 1991 with the intention of fanning ethnic hatred that was supposed to engulf all of Ethiopia in a blood bath but ended up burning Tigray to the ground. Tigrayan racism caused the bombing of the 7 million Tigrayans into the Stone Age. The Eritreans swept in and got their vengeance for what was done to them back in 2000. EFFORT has been stripped down to the bone of all its’ assets. All infrastruction developed in Tigray for the past 29 years were destroyed by the Eritreans. The Amharas too got in the fray and took their vengeance for the 27 years of abuse inflicted on them. Tigrayans who over a period of 50 years invaded Welkait, systematically killing off the majority Amhara, replaced the Amhara population with a Tigrayan population to create a Tigrayan majority region have been driven out to the last Tigrayan. Tigrayans in Tigray proper are dying of starvation and lack of medicine. There are no banks, electricity, schools, hospitals or food. Instead of spewing the same venom that had 800,000 of your youth slaughtered in 2 years, use your time for good. Reflect on everything you have done that got your people to where they are today and repent before whatever creator you worship.

    1. Typical Nephetegnea, we know you lying you core culture. Everyone knows who sold Eritrea for 289 000 guns and for 1 million Lira. It is documented and I can post it here all the letters of payment to Menelick. He did not only sell half Tigray, but also sold Djibouti for 90 years for the same reason, for some Gungs. You guys are known selling not only land, but even your children, wives . By the way there was no Ethiopia During Yohanes. He was the king of Tigray and the king of kings of all those kingdoms who ruled them. There was no Ethiopia during his rule. There were many autonomous kingdoms only. Yohanes did not administer any kingdom except his kingdom. Other kingdoms were just taxed only. There was no political interference in any kingdom. Ethiopia is created by Menelick only. The name of Ethiopia itself is stolen name. Ethiopia refers to the old kingdom of Nubia and Meroe which are now both in Sudan and Egypt. This is Ethiopia never existed in human history. The name of Ethiopia is stolen name from Nubia.
      So the called 3000 Ethiopian history is 100% fake. That 3000 history is stolen history of Tigray which refers to the reign of Queen Sheba who live around 1100 to 999 BCE. That is the Tigrean stolen history. Queen Sheba was never Ethiopian. She was Axumawit. The alphabet so called Ethiopiic or Amharic alphabet is 100% stolen and it is TIgrean Geez alphabet. Therre is no such called Ethiopic or Amharic alphabet. There is no such called Ethiopian Calendar and it is called Geez Calendar which is Tigreans.
      the other thing is the myth that Amharic came from Geez? no, this also proved by clottochronologist people who study the origin of language who studied the origin of all Ethiopians languages. it is proven now Amharic has nothing to do with Geez. It is a language which has no origin but a mixed language like creole. Amharic is mix of Gaffat, Argoba, Oromingnea, etc and Amharic was a spoken language until the 12th century. Amharic adopted Geez alphabet during thee 12 and 13 century when Luthran and Jesuit decided to use Geez to Bible Amhara. This the time Amhara learn how to write . You will never find an Amharic writer before the 14 century. This is to say, what you are saying 100% fabrication. No in history has ever a Tigrean leaders sold anything. It is Yohanes the 4th who chased Italians from Tigray and Eritrea. Queen victoria asked Yohnes to allow Italians to have Massawa, but Yohanes said, leave alone to give them Massawa, you will not set their foot in Massawa. Anyways, do not worry, we set will set the record right .

    2. Leave alone Amhara to own Tigrean land, Amhara TPLF is the invention of TPLF. Amhara either neither land nor Ethnic existed . TPLF created both. There was never land called Amhara leave alone to own Tigray land. Amhra did not exist to tell you. You will never find the name Amhara anywhere in history. Amhara kilil as created by TPLF. Before that there was Gojam, Wollo, Gonder, Shewa and none of them had relation. Gonder is completely different history. Gonder is Tigreans historical and ancestral land. The people who live in Gonder were Axumite POWs in the 4th AD. When Ezana conquered Ethiopia, not this Ethiopia, the real Ethiopia , Meroe and Nubia, he has thousands of POWS like last year we had of Ethiopian POWs. They were brought to Axum and they were beja tribe most of them. Ezana settled them in Siemen Axum and the Siemen Axum was called after they settled Beja mdr and then corrupted to bega mdr and then corrupted to Gonder. So Gonderes are not Amhara. They are beja, the Ethiopian from Meroe. So the Gonderes are people who were Axumite POWs from Meroe and got settled where they are now. Leave alone to own Tigray land, they do not own Gondere itself. If we set all records right, there will not be even Amhara ethnic itself. But it did not exist. As I said, Gondere are Sudan original, original Ethiopian from Sudan. Gojam are most Agew descents. Wollo is mostly Oromo + Agew, Shewa is mostly mix of TIgreans and West African Axumite slaves. Everything about Amhara is either stolen or fake or lies. There were never Amhara land . This can be proved based on science in the lab of history and social studies. I am telling you if we have to claim land, Gojam, Gonder belongs to us.
      About my 800 000 killed? They are killed by Amhara. That is what you do all the time. You kill. You never build anything. All you do is only killing. You have been doing this all the time through your history. During the 15th century, you killed 6000 Tigrean priests and now you killed 800 000, next time you will kill all TIgreans. It is TPLF who exposed our people to this tragedy because it was working as slave for Amhara in danger. The past 27 years was the time you started to pee in toilet, before that you were peeing in your house. The past 27 years was miracle years but for you who hate progress, it was hell. You worship devil, metet, and you hate good and you love evil, famine, death, war, that is your value.
      By your own admission, ask yourself why you killed 800 000 youth? to steal land, property. Because you do not have anything that you can claim is yours. All you have is stolen. The name of Mama Ethiopia is stolen and the alphabet stolen, history is stolen, and land is stolen.

    3. The ABC of Genocide is that Genociders blame their victims and they deny dong anything wrong.. It is written in the Genociders characteristicson the genocide watch website, it says Genociders denying doing anything wrong and they blame victims. You are doing exactly that.

  7. Nabula, I read your note and the only thing I found interesting is what you said about the great general Ras Alula. which is the last good breed from that area and I am in total agreement with you on that. The rest of your writing is nothing more than a ramble or erratic that just spits what ever comes in your mind. I am not in competition with you on zegni, axum,hanbasha etc you can have it all no issues with me. but what I am trying to point you is, please be forward looking do not hang on to much on your past leave your past for the history book. What ever axum was in the past it does not change the current reality on the ground so focus on the current reality and try to change it for better.

    1. Gojam, history is science and Technology. Specially Tigrean history ,Axum. It is our history it is very relevant for now. You do not need it, it does not mean we do not need it now. It is our identity and civilizaiton. Just Tigreans alone, mind about own business.

  8. Nabula,
    what the hell is kIcha sna? you listed it as a food item that you are proud of on your previous note.

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