By Teodros Kiros ( Ph.D.)

Peace is an impossibility in Tigray and beyond unless the incompetent  and demented Isaias is eradicated from power, a move which I reckon would very much please the silent Eritrean majority.  The Eritrean people are silently asking for this and we the Tigreans must  work with them and not against them  by explicating militarily the implicit request. All peace lovers must empower militarily and psychologically our Eritrean brothers and sisters to finish off the task of getting rid of Isaias , his cadres, including inept intellectuals to get rid of the poison in their midst.  His army must be ambushed inside Tigray, where they are roaming aimlessly. If doing this is a violation of the so called Truce, which I think is not, I will have to sadly say, this is a necessary condition, which the wise Tigrean people are demanding.  In fact it is a necessary and sufficient condition for the joint agreement to have biting teeth. It is Abiy regime which violated the agreement from the get go, when we had agreed to cease hostilities, we were showered with drones and air planes.  We must react to this bravely on the behalf of the Ethiopian and Tigrean silent majority.

If we defeat Isaias and remove him from power, Abiy himself will become militarily impotent. That is why the job must be done now, before Isaias and his cadres flee from Tigray.  We cannot afford to have this bully in the neighborhood.

The Tigrean defense forces who were elected by the Tigrean people, should listen to the voice of the people, the very people who are providing the Generals, their precious children, as I argued both in Rendezvous with victory and Perpetual peace.

I am renewing the call for action and appeal to the Tigrean youth under the leadership of the militarily capable Generals to take on the Eritrean regime, as opposed to the Eritrean silent majority to get rid of the cancer in their midst.   The Tigrean people are demanding this from their leaders, and I hope that the leaders listen and carry out the mandate of the people who are speaking.  When the people speak with a clarion call for action, those who are in a position of carrying it out must do so. 

It is shocking that the agreement does not invoke Isaias’ name, although it should have been a political categorical imperative, whatever the reasons are.  In the absence of that, we Tigreans must make what is neglected as a categorical imperative, without which peace cannot rain in Tigray, and Ethiopia for that matter.

The Tigrean regime, which intimately knows the facts on the ground must move fast and declare war on Eritrea on the behalf of Tigray and our Eritrean brothers and sisters who are suffering quietly.

At this moment the incomplete agreement in only a distraction.

The resistance must continue fortified by courage and motivated by a loving justice.

By aiga

2 thoughts on “Eritrea’s Dictator – Isaias must go”
  1. Dear Dr, can you explain to us how you can make go a sitting president of another country that tplf anointed and blessed 30 plus years ago. moreover , you landlocked your own country to show how loyal you are to him. we will never forget and forgive this!!

  2. I did not know Dr. Tedros was such a violent person. He always came across as a rational and peaceable individual. Here he uses “eradicate” against another human being (Isaias). Isaias is certainly not a good leader (just like Meles was). But to incite “eradication” of another person is simply unacceptable. We also notice that Tedros will tolerate genocide so long as it is against “others” (not including those from Tigray). The latter is nothing but racist.

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