Pursuant to section 506A(a)(3) of the Trade Act, I have determined that Ethiopia, Guinea, and Mali do not meet the requirements described in section 506A(a)(1) of that Act. Accordingly, I have decided to terminate the designation of Ethiopia, Guinea, and Mali as beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries for purposes of section 506A of the Trade Act, effective January 1, 2022 …

A Proclamation to Modify the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and for Other Purposes

The goods affected by this proclamation may be manufactured in Ethiopia but most of the factories are either Indian, Chinese and Turkish-owned companies. In other words, it is a double whammy!! Next is to declare Tigray a no-fly zone, unless the international community is ready to see another round of carnage across the Horn Region! There is a window of opportunity that can not last long if the aerial and heavy weapon bombardment continues by the Abiy and Isaias Afewroki regimes.

By aiga