The Security and Justice for Tigrayans (SJT), a U.S.-based advocacy organization, stands in solemn remembrance and righteous indignation as we mark the harrowing third anniversary of the Tigray Genocidal War. This somber occasion is a stark reminder of the unspeakable mass atrocities, suffering, loss, and injustice that have haunted the people of Tigray for far too long.

Today marks a heart-wrenching milestone – one long and agonizing year since the Pretoria peace deal was inked, ostensibly offering a glimmer of hope for the war-torn people. However, let us be clear: the solemn promises within that agreement. remain nothing but empty words, casting Tigray deeper into the merciless abyss of unrelenting humanitarian devastation.

The invaders, whose hands are stained with the blood of countless innocent civilians, continue to occupy vast parts of Tigray. Their unchecked reign of terror persists, with crimes so grotesque that they defy human comprehension and, inexplicably, remain unpunished. The perpetrators of these atrocities walk free, while the cries of the people of Tigray echo in the silence of the international community. To compound the suffering, the invading forces are barefacedly altering the demography of the occupied areas, bringing in non-Tigrayan settlers, as part of their sinister agenda to erode the very identity and existence of the people of Tigray. This is not just an attack on the people but on their very cultural fabric, heritage, and future.

The people of Tigray, enduring immense pain, and sorrow, continue to grapple with the absence of justice. Millions of displaced individuals, who have been torn from their homes, still find themselves in the heart-wrenching throes of uncertainty. They exist in squalid conditions, where the most basic necessities of life remain agonizingly elusive. Perhaps most egregious of all, it has been approximately six months since the humanitarian aid, a lifeline for the beleaguered Tigrayan population, was discontinued. This cruel and unjust action has left the most vulnerable in Tigray to fend for themselves, their cries for help falling on deaf ears. The denial of this vital assistance constitutes nothing short of an international
travesty, a collective abandonment of human beings.

The UNHRC’s sudden and premature termination of ICHREE’s mission, an independent body tasked with investigating and exposing the horrifying mass atrocities carried out by the Ethiopian Federal Government, the Eritrean Government, and the illicit Amhara forces and militias, is a profound miscarriage of justice. The abrupt discontinuation of this vital investigation not only strikes at the heart of justice but also engenders feelings of disbelief and despair among those who have long awaited overdue justice. This decision demonstrates a complete disregard for both accountability and humanity. Regrettably, the UNHRC, in a highly irresponsible move, has effectively entrusted the very individuals responsible for
these crimes with the task of investigating them.

The SJT implores the international community to reflect on the devastating consequences of this unconscionable inaction. As we mourn the millions of lives lost in this genocidal war, we must also recognize that justice has been denied for too long. The legacy of this anniversary must be one of resolute action and unwavering commitment to restoring the rights, dignity, and hope of the
Tigrayan people.

In the face of such adversity, we stand united in our call for justice, peace, and humanitarian intervention. The suffering in Tigray is not just a distant tragedy but a glaring indictment of our shared humanity. Together, we can and must bring an end to this unimaginable suffering and ensure that the people of Tigray can once again find solace, dignity, and a future free from the horrors of the past.

Mahteme F. Demewez, PhD
President, Security and Justice for Tigrayans (SJT)

By aiga

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