19 March 2023

Tigrai Development Association alongside UNICEF, Action for Social Development & Environmental Protection organization (ASDEPO) and Tigray Regional Health Bureau launched a project of life-saving integrated nutrition services in three woredas of south zone of Tigray through a workshop organized in Maichew town, 19 March 2023. In the workshop were leaderships of TDA, ASDEPO, Administrative officials of south zone, woredas of Neqsege, Endamehoni and Maichew town.

Opening the workshop, administrator of south zone, Mr. Atakilti G/hiwot explained his confidence that the project be properly concretized given the reality on the ground, while Mr. Tesfay G/her, TDA’s Acting Executive Director, on his part, pronounced that TDA would work hard to execute all projects centering around nutrition with a particular focus on children and mothers in order to create physically and mentally healthy productive generation. Explaining nutrition as the key program of TDA, Mr. Tesfay also underscored the importance of collaborative efforts of many stakeholders in the course of implementing nutrition.

The project of life-saving integrated nutrition services, being implemented with a budget of over 18 million birr, would directly and indirectly benefit more than 155 thousand people.

By aiga