Which Way Tigray?


Jan 18, 2023

By Teodros Kiros ( Ph.D.)

Ever since the peace agreement was signed in Pretoria and Kenya, a mood for peace, prevailed in Tigray.  This is welcome. The death of 800, 000 and increasing was shadowed by the mood for peace.

Since Nov 2, when the guns were silenced, the Tigrean regime in concert with the African Union pledged to realize all the conditions, including the very precarious disarmament, for the sake of peace.  The Tigrean gov’t and its representatives, secretly continue to disarm more and concede more, in order to make the peace agreement viable.

A measure of secrecy and caution by the Tigrean government is welcome to a point, but not at the expense of the Tigran people who sacrificed their children at the prime of their lives.  The Tigrean regime mobilized the Tigrean people to conduct the war and the people fought fiercely.

The intimate relationship between the Tigrean people and the Tigrean government was ideal during the war, whereas now, although the agreement is not realized on the ground, it has shifted from intimacy, as it was during the war to inexplicable secrecy at the present time.

My questions to the Tigrean government now are:

Why the secrecy?

Why the shifting mood?

Why are the people who made the agreement possible by sacrificing their children abandoned now?

Why is the  Tigrean government alienating itself from its own people?

Why is the Tigrean government giving a blind eye to the continuing genocide in all the occupied Tigrean lands?

Why are the Tigrean negotiators not insisting that Eritrea and the Ethiopian regime withdraw from Tigrean lands before total disarmament is fully realized?

I can only hope that the Tigrean government in some shape or form respond to the above questions.

It is irresponsible to remain silent in the face of an impending tragedy, including another war to be born out of despair.

The questions above could be addressed subtly in closed doors with the people without leaking premature information to the mass media, if that is  concerning.  The people of Tigray are distressed as Tigrean media is reporting.  The negotiators should come out of hiding and engage the people and collect data and sense the pulse of the people who are conflicted between joy and confusion.

By aiga

2 thoughts on “Which Way Tigray?”
  1. You the people in the diaspora pushed tplf to start the war and you were fanning the war to keep going and now tplf lost the war badly and millions of life lost for nothing. What I see now is you turned against tplf blaming they as if you were not part of the problem, what a shame take responsibility for the direct or indirect participation in this bloody war do not just blame tplf alone. right or wrong they committed to the idea you all enjoyed and sponsored and went to war and sacrificed untold number of young and old tegres. This is not the time to blame tplf instead ask your self what did you contribute to war effort that ended disastrously. So do not blame tplf because of the lost war, you all participated in the bloody war one way or another and stop pretending as if you were against the war.

  2. These are the questions we are asking the current leaders of Tigray who were enjoying human shield to get out of this mess and as usual they are showing their indifference as they did to their fellow fighters fof 17 years bloody struggle that eventually emancipated Tigray and the rest of the people in Ethiopia.
    They have bad reputation for their indifference regarding their refusal to listen the concerns and views of other people ouside their circle. The word of friend(fellow Tigrayans) makes you cry – the word of an enemy makes you laugh.
    Suppose they want to be perfect dictators , as practice make you perfect!!

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