Ten million Tigrayans are besieged, exposed to famine and diseases. Still, more live in different parts of former Ethiopia walking a tight rope, their homes raided and ransom demanded: former Tigrayan military officers are languishing in remote prisons, while the world prefer to look the other way, unconcerned about justice, democracy and human rights.

What is right for the Ukrainians, the white world is clamouring over, cannot be wrong for the Tigrayans.

A cause, a just cause, for one is not or couldn’t be wrong for another, unless the world sees through white and black colours. Should I push the mantle of justice further: what is right for an adorable pet, ought to be right when applied for an arboreal baboon as well, if it is to pass the test! Right is always right be it day or night, black or white! Right?

The Tigrayans in general and the former TPLF in government are a sore for the West because they looked to China as a partner for developmental projects after overthrowing the military dictator with the material help from the West.

But what was the TPLF to do when the West relied on the TPLF to govern 120 miliion people starved for work, food, education and progress if the West was not reliably ready to support and assist the Tigrayans in their endeavour to meet the demands of an hostile population for a change except to look for other channels – China – to meet expectations? What could the TPLF do when the seedy heavy relief on it to formalise the independence of Eritrea from its colony at the a price of hatred by the Amhara who sees Eritrea as their sea outlet, once they forgot and tuned oblivious that it was their king Menrlik who sold Eritrea to the Italians for double edge gains – obtain cash, arms and weaken Tigray.

The moment the TPLF turned round seeking assistance from China, the West turned sour and began recruiting and mobilizing Amharas and other forces to bring down what the West spent decades helping to bring to power. ማይ ቅዳ ሕማይ አፍስ/fetch water just to instantly spill it over!

Short of a lack of developmental projects the West was reluctant to finance or support the Tigrayan/TPLF did satisfactorily and adequately managed to develop, and maintain security, peace and stability in the wider region! All could not deny as truth. Furthermore, it established a federal state in Ethiopia to address Amhara oppression for centuries.

The Amharas would tell you a reverse logic. It was the Tigryans who destabilized the former country, Ethiopia, by introducing federalism. This is a logic of sorcery. The cause of trouble and fragmentation is oppression not giving voice to oppressed people to express their identities.

It was well over due step to establishing democracy for the first time in Ethiopia, which the Tigrayan/TPLF adequately implemented and without Western assistance.

There is no clearer example for how the West should move forward in the effort to modernise African democracy – the initiatives of the TPLF over their thirty-year reign demonstrated the commitment to meeting the needs of the people while giving voice to all of its citizens through federalism. The West, who only focus on the investment of China in infrastructure projects, appears to be led by ad hoc, short term gains without having a long term and comprehensive vision. Furthermore, by supporting the Abiy government it risks being implicated in the genocide being perpetrated against Tigrayans, for no other reason than to prop up superficial ideals of ‘westernisation’ which the evidence is to the contrary!

Or was their motive the case of racism in disguise, just looking for flimsy excuses to punish black people if they step out an inch? Ukrainians and the Ukrainian government and other Ukrainian civil and military Organisations were and some still are lest wings by their very nature as they were part of the Soviet Union.

The irony and this is where racism comes in. It is alright for the Ukrainians to be whatever they wished to be without the fear of punishment from the West but not the Tigray TPLF. The Tigrayans have to pay a heavy price for not towing the line. After sacrificing lives, to reach Debre Behan, 130 K/m close to the capital we believe the West, specially the USA warned the TDF to return back with disingenuous promises to bring a peaceful settlement to the conflict. The USA is still twiddling and massaging its fingered, sitting on the fence while thousands of Tigrayans are dying. If we survive, and let us hope we will, we shall never, ever forget this act of the West and the USA. Playing with the lives of Tigrayans!

They played with disingenuous diplomatic words and music for well over six months and no peace was settled. In between hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans died for lack of food and medicine. Add to that, air bombed with drones where indiscriminately kids’ bodies were seen mangled and scattered in a kindergarten.

The World at this time lacks effective leadership guided by ironclad principles. The World is falling apart if anyone cares and be prepared to act.

A rule for one is a rule for others. No time for opportunist individuals in power to make personal gains promising what they are inept to deliver.

Tigrayans ought to stay focused and rely on their own resources to achieve peace, and put aside the Western or for that matter Chinese, Arabs and Turks dramatists.

Yared Huluf

By aiga

8 thoughts on “The West Betrayed Tigray”
  1. Gojam: you are back again. You are allergic to the TRUTH. You have intentionally become blind and deaf; otherwise, you would have educated yourself from documents from which the international media, foreign governments, and fascist Amhara elites reported that the former state of Ethiopia, aka Amhara, started the war and did the brutal killing of innocent Tegaru in Maikdra.

    Could you explain why you have ርስት አመላሽ organization? You should stop saying this land is mine that history is mine and this historical artifact is mine if you want peace in the former station of Ethiopia.

    Please don’t come here and shade crocodile tears. It will not work. We know now who you are: barbaric and a wolf in a sheep’s closing . What miscalculation are you talking about? What country are you talking about? What does a unitary, expansionist, chauvinist and blood thirsty Amhara know about miscalculations and country?

    Actually, Ethiopia, aka Amhara should erect a monument to TPLF in Addis Ababa because TPLF built and developed Ethiopia at the expense of Tigray. How many hospitals, clinics, and universities were there before the TPLF took power in the former state of Ethiopia? How many kilometers of roads, communication infrastructures, and modern farmlands and hydro dams existed before the TPLF took power? TPLF built 43 universities in less than 27 years. The unitary and expansionist Amhara built fewer than 4 or 5 within 150 years, all of them in Amhara, or under the control of Amhara, if I may add.

    You have clearly shown in your responses to articles on this website that Tegaru should not defend the right to exist on this earth, i.e., Tegaru should roll down and beg for mercy. It is not going to happen?

  2. Tsegaye, Yes I am back!! A friendly advice, just to clear some confusion, yes I am a proud Amhara but for me, you are no less Ethiopian than any other Amhara I know or related, so stop being tribal and focus on the issue that affected all of us which is the war in tigray and the other tplf sponsored conflicts. On the matter of land asmelash you mention, I do not know what is new about that. If some one take your property the logical thing you do is to establish an organization to challenge the land grabbers face to face. I said this before and I am saying again, all the land under the Ethiopia territory belong to all of us, but what weyane did was carve some land that did not belong to tegray and incorporate in to the new tegray kilil. That is one of the major mistake tplf did in its 27 years of running Ethiopia. You should be happy the people of welkayet did not ask back payment for the 27 years you exploited their land and all the displacement tplf did. On the matter of building roads, and other infastracture yes that was one good thing weyane did. However, let us not forget all the corruption that the tplf and its cronies did and looted from the country. Just few examples the sugar corporation, effort and many many more. You also mentioned the name of some medias like bbc, cnn etc. Glad you mentioned that and these medias are nothing more than a mouth piece for those who paid them handsomely and they will say anything to satisfy their customer like tplf. In fact many many Ethiopians including myself have no trust left for these fake news now or in the future. So please do not mention this medias as a good source of information unless you are looking a cooked information. One last thing, stop cursing and bravado and focus on the matter!! also the tigray diaspora are equally responsible for what happened in tigray by blindly supporting tplf and spreading false narrative.

    1. Gojam: why are you hiding behind the screen name Gojam? I am not surprised that you misspelled my name Tsegay. This is a continuation of the plan to create a unitary and imperial Ethiopia by squashing the rights and privileges to use their own native language (in schools, local government offices, churches, and mosques) natural resources, religion and customs of other nation and nationalities found in the former state of Ethiopia.

      You wrote “…so stop being tribal …” I am a Tigray nationalist. My struggle is to create independent Tigray where no one would harass Tegaru. By the way, if you read your Bible, God commended Moses to settle Israelis according to their tribes. Therefore, if God said it who are you to say it is wrong.

      You wrote “land under the Ethiopia territory belong to all of us”. Are you for real? As soon as the traitor Abiey Ahmed came to power, the federal road from Amhara to Tigray was closed, tens of thousands of innocent Tegaru who used to live in Ethiopia and specifically Amhara areas were forced to leave their houses, business and livelihoods and moved to Tigray and even some lost their lives. Tens of thousands of Tegaru were fired from private and government employment all over the former state of Ethiopia. Over 18 thousand Tegaru who were members of ENDF were put into concentration camps and thousands lost their lives under the hands of Amhara ENDF.

      The all the genocide acts against Tigray were committed after ENDF, Eritrea, Amhara and Fano controlled all Tigray except Kola Tembien. If the target was TPLF why commit heinous crimes and genocide against the Tigray people?

      The historical southern boundary of Tigray is all the way to : ኣልውሓ ምላሽ፣መተማ ዮሐንስ፡አብራሓ ጅራ፣አምባጅውርግስ፣ራእሲ ደገና። These lands belong to Tigray. Tigray actually should recover not only Western Tigray but also these historical vast lands listed above which are under the administration Amhara regional state.

      You wrote “That is one of the major mistake tplf did in its 27 years of running Ethiopia. You should be happy the people of welkayet did not ask back payment for the 27 years you exploited their land and all the displacement tplf did.” You are imagining which does not exist. The core mistakes of TPLF are: 1. After defeating the Derg, TPLF should have proclaimed Tigray independence from Ethiopia. 2. TPLF should not have created the current Amhara regional state with the current boundary. 3. TPLF should have finished off Shaebia during the 1998 war.

      The only reason you hate TPLF is that EPRDF put a stop to your grand plan of building a unitary imperial Ethiopia, i.e., all other nations and nationality to act, look alike, think similar to the Amhara chauvinists and expansionists. There will be no more imperial Ethiopia!

      Interesting, you don’t like the major international news outlets. Which news outlets do you trust? Do you trust humanitarian agencies? The only reason you don’t like the major international news agencies is because they exposed the crimes committed in darkness.

  3. Tsegay, sorry for adding the letter e to your name and it was not intentional so whatever your name is not my business. You said you are a tegre nationalist and you are trying to create an independent tegray. This shows that you fox in the diaspora did not learn from your recent mistake of creating fire from a distance and watch the fire burns the poor,kids and the elderly innocent. The people who created the problem enjoy their life in the west and watch while other suffer. One can’t be a nationalist without having a nation don;t forget that. Do you think tegray can function as a viable nation?even in good time when weyane was in power the majority of the people in the region survive with the help of the government, so you fox need to think seriously before you make another disastrous mistake. I have many reason why I hate tplf, the main reason I hate tplf is for making our country a land locked country with the help of those evil meles, sebehat nega and the likes of them hope they all burn in hell and some of them they started that journey here on earth. what do you mean when you said why are you hiding behind the screen name Gojam? I can change it to Gonder if that is better for you or even Tegray. By the way what does it wean tagaru? I never heard of this thing before.

    Happy thanksgiving

  4. Gojam/Gonder etc. you are እስስት without values. Like I said before, Menelik II carved Eritrea out of Tigray and sold it to Italy in exchange for guns, bullets and to weaken Tigray. You should ask your forefather Menelik II, (you never know he may respond to your inquiry from his grave) for making the former state of Ethiopia landlocked. Similar situation with Djibouti which was part of the former state of Ethiopia. I remember reading once that the Dergue was asked if Ethiopia would accept Djibouti as part of Ethiopia as per the agreement with France. Dergue refused to accept Djibouti as part of Ethiopia.

    The “fox” is the one who communicates with you and others in the language you understand, FORCE.
    The former state of Ethiopia followed the example of how the Nazis dealt with Israelis, how Nigeria dealt with the Biafran War, and how Australia dealt with Tasmanian tribes.
    1. Menenilk II carved Eritrea out of Tigray and sold it to Italy.
    2. Menelik II and Hailesilasie carved out Western Tigray, Raya, Kobo, ኣልውሓ ምላሽ፣መተማ ዮሐንስ፡አብራሓ ጅራ፣አምባጅውርግስ፣ራእሲ ደገና። etc gave to Amhara rulers in Wello and Gonder.
    3. The former Ethiopian state systematically restricted Tigray’s economic, educational, and religious freedoms, including the right to free expression, the right to choose one’s own leaders, the right to use one’s own natural resources, and the right to speak one’s own native language.
    4. Destroy Tigray’s economic infrastructures, universities, and medical facilities.
    5. Attempted to subdue Tigragu with the help of foreign mercenaries.
    Menelik with help of Italy
    Hailesilasie with the help British Airforce
    Dergue with help of Sovient Union and Cuba
    6. Colonel Abiey with the help of Amhara militia, Fano, Eritrea, and Somalia. Drones and technical assistance from China, the UAE, Turkey, and Iran.
    6. Make Tigray to have no leaders: remove Tegaru elites by any means (murdering, forced disappearances, throwing into prisons, forcing to leave Tigray, etc).
    There is a trend that the former state of Ethiopia followed in order to destroy, breakdown, make Tigray dirt poor, and eliminate, Tegaru from the face of the earth. Thus, the only way out of all these repeated attempts by the former state of Ethiopia to destroy, subdue, and eliminate is to create an independent Tigray.
    It is interesting that you do not know what “Tegaru” means; clearly, you do not care about the people but the land without Tegaru.
    Finally, you are asking the Tegaru Diaspora not to be a voice for Tigray so that the former state of Ethiopia, aka the bloody Amhara, and their criminal cohorts to implement the plan of annihilating Tigray in darkness without voice. This will not happen. Happy Red Sea port dreaming!

  5. Tsegay, Thank you for wishing me ‘Happy Red Sea port dreaming” let me say this, one has to dream before achieving his dream. One way or another our dream will be materialized sooner or later rest a shore. You mentioned about communicating with us using force, well I am surprised you said that, what does force bring you now? tplf has been fighting for the last three years some in the front line others like you from a distance. After three years of carnage and hundreds of thousands life lost you have nothing to show for the people of Tigray. You mostly in the diaspora created this disaster by pressuring the tplf politician to continue fight and sacrifices untold number of young and old poor tegres and also from our side, for what? just to satisfy some educated idiots ego.? well once the dust settled down the people of tigray will ask those of you who were fanning the war fan .as to why they sacrificed this much for nothing. You keep bringing the name of our dear king Menilk, I cant tell you how proud I am to come from a country that was founded by Atse Tewodros, Atse Yehones, Atse Minilik and many many more before them. so people like you who have no big dreams and caught with little things like kilil, tribe etc fill good about them selves by trash talking the giant of history like emye Menilik.

    Good day

    1. Gojam: The treacherous Menik brought to the former state of Ethiopia bloodshed and misery. If Menik hadn’t  had carved Eritrea out of Tigray, there would not have been the 1998 war, there would not have been the current war, and you would not have planned to annihilate Tegaru to get the Read See Port.

      It is not what one dreams; it is who is dreaming the dream that matters. You and people like you who sold their souls (if you have any) to the devil will fail, no matter how big their dreams are. You have been dreaming the same dream, Red Sea Port, since Haile Selassie.  Your dream brought destruction, death, and poverty to the country you call Ethiopia.  Give it up! You will never get the port!  You will lose Finfinne while you are dreaming Red Sea Port. የቆጡን አወርድ ብላ የብብትዋን ጣለች ነው ያንተ ነገር።
      TPLF is just one of the political parties in Tigray.  The people of Tigray have been fighting an existential war.   Did Tigray pay a heavy price? Yes, it did.  However, Tigray thwarted the extinction of Tegaru hatched by the bloody Amhara, Eritreans, and Arabs.   There would not be Pretoria and Kenya peace negotiations according to the Ethiopian plan without TDF’s knock off power over Ethiopia, Eritrea, Amhara and FANO forces.
      You seem to be suffering from selective perception. TPLF, TPLF, TPLF. blah .. blah. Thus is is my last response to you. Again, happy Red Sea dreaming!

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