Sebhidri International Civic Society (SICS)

We members of Sebhidri International Civic Society (SICS) we submit this urgent appeal concerning planned and targeted genocide. The action by the Ethiopian and Eritrean government was genocide. There is no doubt that there was, in fact, a state organized, systematic deportation and massacre of a designated population, defined by their religion and ethnicity, namely the Tegrawot (Tigrayans), that it was meticulously carried out, initiated, and organized to eliminate those people from their homeland, or to destroy their political and cultural potential.

Thousands have been killed in massacres, thousands more have fled, and countless women, nuns and girls have been violently raped. Four hundred seventy-four (474) days and counting; the people of Tigray have been ethnically cleansed, mass massacred, violently raped. Additionally, their infrastructure, factories and institutions turned to dust. They were cut off from the rest of the world by well-designed systematically implemented siege.

By aiga