Kalayu Abraha

Any Tigrayan who believes that the enemies of Tigray take the Pretoria Agreement as a gateway to genuine peace must take a few days of meditation to see the reality behind the noisy and deceptive fireworks . Tigrayans have every reason to hate Italians for killing their forefathers; but must love the political Wizard Niccolo Machiavelli. Unfortunately, Tigrayan politicians open the front gates for the enemy without preparing an emergency back door exit. Innocent and trusting warriors are exposed to defeat in the end; and it is the end that matters. How well you fight is only a story of bravery.

The last and tricky blow kills the hero. That is why Machiavelli’s key formula is: “The end justifies the means”. Whatever you do you must win. Is it Arat- Kilo and Adi- Halo who are winning or Tigray? However many you kill and take prisoner; however many you die and are injured it is the attainment of the end goal that matters. The enemies set a goal to end Tigray as a political and demographic unit. Did they abandon the goal after Pretoria? Never! In fact, the peace has become a better alternative path to attain the same goal. During war they don’ t have the chance to soberly design alternative and less costly strategies. Now they can sit comfortably in thier fine leather armchairs, with cappuccino in thier hands trying every trick to distabilize Tigray, divide the people and attain thier goals without leaving thier offices dressed in rangers.

Who is helping them attain thier goals? We are helping them to attain thier goals. While we are responsible for eroding our own unity facilitating for them, we start complaining and accusing them for using the opportunity we create for them. If you dig a hole on the ground a fox is going to use it and chase you away. Why do you accuse the fox? Blame yourself for digging that hole near the barn where your goats live. When something bad happens, Tigray Government keeps dead silent. The media also talks events and just complains. None is engaged in quickly designing proactive strategies to abort enemy plans. We were warning against the campaign in Tigray against TPLF. The unwise campaign was/is done while none of what Tigray fought so hard for is done.

Our enemies watched with gratitude when Tigrayan politicians rained over TPLF and divided Tigrayans. The enemy took this as a golden opportunity and then the blast! TPLF rejected. Although I have a hundred reasons to thank TPLF for I am not defending the selfishness of some its cadres. Now is not the time to check quality; the focus is on unity however painful it is. Do OPDO and ANDM love one another? No! They are the worst enemies of each other. BUT They are united against Tigray. Any crack between them is closed quickly enough. It is not the suicidal selfishness of current Tigrayan politicians that matters. It is what consequences it has for the generation to come.

The people of Tigray are nor expendable with every careless errors made or lack of foresight politicians have. The people of Tigray are not investment capital for individual ambitions. From what we see some politicians in Tigray don’t seem to feel they have lost even a needle let alone a million Tigrayans. We are dangerously losing hope in Tigrayan politicians who are talking about restoration and election before Western and Southern Tigray are secured. While keeping politicians in Tigray very busy with trivialities and political provocations the enemy is doing irreversible things in Western Tigray. Surprisingly, Tigray Politicians are silent!

The rejection of TPLF is fake. They know it contradicts Pretoria; but they got what they wanted: drawing attention of Tigrayan media and politicians away from what they are doing in Western Tigray. Ras Seyoum surrendered Welakit and Raya without resistance. Are we having another round of Ras Seyoums in Mekelle for history to be written in tears? The enemy is working on several fronts something they can do best. Defeated in war, something Tigrayans can do best, they are engaged in the religious front, in the political front and economic front systematically weakening Tigray.

Disarmed Tigray is no match for the political tricks the enemy is playing with ease without any significant challenge. Worse still is some Tigrayans are cooperating in thier own political demise. The cause of the war has historical roots. It is not about election in Tigray or TPLF not joining PP. Many Tigrayans take comfort in these dangerous excuses and think cursing TPLF is enough for having lasting peace for Tigray in Ethiopia. I not only feel sorry for such naive politicians but also consider them as criminals against generations of Tigrayans. Red Indian chiefs agreed with European colonial settlers and presided over the demise of the Indian nation in USA. The religious front against Tigray could turn out to be the most effective if the inaction of archbishops in Tigray continues. Tigray will kneel down in the public morale not by other means but if the enemy succeeds to abort Menbere Selama. Many Tigraynans would prefer to lose thier religion and thier Tigrayan identity if this happens with sheer carelessness about the future.

It is a matter of choice. Does Tigray want to be free or be enslaved forever? There is nothing in the middle; but most foolishly think that there is. If people choose freedom what is happening in Tigray vis a vis the enemies is totally unacceptable and could mark the tragic beginning of the end of Tigray. The difference between Tigrayans is very sharp. Some are ready to die for it while others do not want to surrender thier political ambitions without dying. Selfishness kills Nations. Is that what you want? Or You expect others to sacrifice thier lives for your ambitions? Silly Tigrayan politicians, hear me well, hear me good! If you think Ethiopia will be your home after you kill Tigray think not once but think a million times. Regret does not help. Feel responsible for millions. You will leave only a few decades. Betraying the Tigray people’s cause is like being half dead. Holding whisky glasses in style and talking political philosophy while millions of Tigrayans can not hold a piece of bread is called betrayal. Don’t turn Tigray into a market place to trade your ambitions. Don’ t abuse the patience and kindness of the people of Tigray.
Think the present in light of the future!

By aiga