Tigray Genocide

  • Remarkable Bravery

    Remarkable Bravery

    In the wake of the devastating genocidal war crime that has engulfed Tigray, we, as concerned individuals feel compelled to express our deepest condolences to the families who have tragically lost their loved ones. The pain and suffering endured by the people of Tigray during this genocidal war is beyond comprehension and our thoughts and prayers go with you during this difficult point in time.

    We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to those brave martyrs who have valiantly fought and gave everything they have including their precious lives to defend the people of Tigray from the enemy’s intended annihilation. Their unwavering dedication and sacrifice in defending our people will always remain in the hearts and sole of our people and for generations to come and for that, we are deeply grateful.

    Inspiring, Selfless, and Committed

    Those characters truly identify and relate to the character of our heroes and heroines. Their stories will echo through the ages inspiring future generations transcending unmatched bravery and selflessness. Through their determination and selflessness, those courageous men and women have etched their names in the chronicles of heroism.

    In the face of genocidal war, those young brave fighters stood tall, their hearts filled with a burning desire to protect and preserve the dignity and pride of our people and for that, they paid the ultimate price and now, they have ascended to the realm of legendary figures.

    With each passing day, as the heinous crime and genocidal war raged on, the people of Tigray displayed an indomitable spirit that refused to be extinguished. While facing inhuman and evil foes, their resolute determination and a deep-rooted love for their land showed courage and they fearlessly confronted and defended their people from a heavily armed aggressor that came to annihilate our people.

    These brave heroes and heroines understood the weight of their actions; fully aware of the risks they were taking yet, they chose to confront their enemies head-on, knowing that the price of inaction would be far greater than any sacrifice they could make. As a result, they, were willing to give their precious lives for freedom and safety of our people. Their sacrifice has now become a testament to their strength and their character, and their names will forever be etched in the annals of history and their bravery will pass from generation to generation to come. They have also become symbols of resilience and heroism embodying the very essence of what it means to fight for a just cause.

    In death, these courageous men, women, and youth have become legendary figures, crowned for their noble sacrifice and immortalized in the hearts and minds of their people. Their memory serves as a constant reminder of the price of freedom.

    Courage To Speak Up Against Injustice, To Stand Up For What Is Right

    The people of Tigray have shown us the power of resilience and determination in the face of unimaginable challenges. They have thought us to stand up for what we believe in even under difficult situations. Their bravery and courage have inspired us to never give up no matter how difficult the road ahead may be. Their legacy is a reminder that we must always defend our values and beliefs even in the face of adversity and we must never compromise on what is right, and we must always be willing to fight for justice and freedom.

    As we move forward, let us honor the memory of the men, women, and the youth of Tigray by embarking on their fight for a better future. Let us work towards building a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where justice and freedom is the norm. Let us never forget the profound sacrifices that were made and let us always remember the importance of standing up for what is right.

    As we reflect upon their heroic deaths, let us not forget the noble lessons they left behind. For that, we must honor them by continuing the legacy that left in fighting for justice and freedom. May their courage and sacrifice inspire us to stand up against oppression and injustice and may the legacy they left live on in the hearts of each and every one of us.

    As we mourn the loss of these brave heroes & heroines, it is very important to remember that healing and unity are vital for the progress of Tigray. The national mourning period provides an opportunity for all to come together regardless of some differences that may occur and to collectively grieve the loss of these heroes and heroines. It is through our unity that we can begin to heal the wounds inflicted by the heinous crime and work towards a brighter future.

    Dr. Addisu Gebreigzabhier

    October 14, 2023

  • “Tigray heals from its grief when we together fulfill the dreams and promises of our martyrs; onwards families of martyrs, the disabled, and the heroes will be the center of all political, social, and economic activities,” President Getachew Reda.

    By Addis Moges

    The president of Tigray Interim Administration Getachew Reda while remarking the end of the three days national mourning today emphasized that the people of Tigray can only be healed from their grief when Tigran’s together work day in day out to fulfill the dreams and promises of the martyrs and now onwards families of the martyrs, the disabled, and the heroes will be the center of all political, social, and economic activities of the region. 

    Addressing the closure of the three days of national mourning and remembrance of the Martyrs to the people of Tigray, he underlined that the task cannot be a responsibility left to one body rather all of us, civilians, soldiers, adults, the youth, the Diaspora, entrepreneurs, laborers and others should be come together and contribute our best level to create a favorable organization and stable political base in the region.

    He also underscored that the guidelines and laws which have been used for past decades will be amended in a way that can reflect the martyrs and Tigray must immediately introduce a situation where the families of martyrs and war disabled heroes would be at the center of its agenda.  “As long as we fight with our heroic people and work around the basic interests of Tigray, there is no reason why our future will not be bright and we need to move forward knowing that this is the only way to be saved from destruction”.

    “We will build a system that involves everyone equally.  The way in which the people as a nation plunge into existential danger while saying that so-and-so party, so-and-so leader is sick and destitute must be closed, he said, adding the politics where the mistake of one person, the mistake of one group, the mistake of one area is decisive because it is not appropriate for our people and the legacy of our martyrs”.

    The president emphasized that they remember the martyrs with many unfinished businesses that require their full-time attention.  “First of all, we must make unremitting efforts to preserve, deepen and expand the threshold of peace that has now been achieved thanks to the sacrifices of our children and comrades,”

    He added, “Over the past few days, we have understood the sacrifices of our brothers, comrades and children both as individuals and as a people as members of the same family, we all cried together for all our martyrs”.  

    We were able to understand even in part the price paid for the depth and breadth of our existence. We remembered father and son, young men and women of the same womb, babies who paid their lives for our existence without being satisfied with life, he sadly explained.

    The region has lost its farmers, engineers, doctors, students, laborers, and the active force tasked with building the future of Tigray to defend the existence of their people.

    “We gathered to remember that we paid for the existence of Tigray, a parent who carried the fighters who lost their eyesight, reconciled his house, blessed his children and sacrificed himself for the struggle, a Tigrayan who suffered all kinds of suffering from the enemies; every Tigrayan who has been deprived of his natural right to life and victimized by all kinds of problems has paid sacrifices,” he added.

    As leaders, the issue of what we have done, or have not done, in this danger of extinction should be our main issue to examine openly, above all to repent and learn but discuss and confront it in a way that ensures regular accountability, he underscored. “We should immediately introduce a system that uses all resources properly while remembering our martyrs who are not greedy in sacrifice,” the president said.

    He also said that it is of paramount importance to look inward and the politics they have been following for decades if it is found to be the cause for the sacrifice of the recurring conflicts upon the people.  “ If we are to correct the situation where our existence as a people is in danger due to decisions made or should not be taken by a few;  if we are to eliminate the worrying situation where tens of thousands have died due to seemingly minor mistakes;   If we are to eliminate the evil cycle where the shoulder of the youth who should bear the burden of the people while the dream should be realized up and down, above all, the slime that follows us every thirty years and pays thousands to bring us to the brink of destruction If so, we must work to change our politics once and for all.”

    “Let us have a policy that gives due respect to this our human resource”. We only bury our martyrs by showing that we have no shoulder to tolerate the side that quickly gets into a quarrel about its seat, its inheritance when we are not sure whether tomorrow will be better or not when we remember our martyrs; we can ensure that the suffering we are now going through will not be repeated in this way, he added.

    President Getachew also emphasized that it would be a mistake to expect change in the usual way without even making some effort to address our leadership weaknesses that have contributed to us getting here.  Above all, we can fulfill the legacy of our martyrs only by working seriously with our people and peace at the center but without compromising the inherent rights of our people.

    “Tigray must recover and must ensure lasting peace.  The hope of existence that Tigray has gained through the sacrifice of its children must sprout.  We are in a situation where all the weaknesses and crises that can be seen in a post-bloody war – post-war of destruction society are widespread, and more than anything else, the organized and coordinated efforts of all of us are necessary”.


  • You have fallen not forgotten!

    By Jerusalem Barnabas          

    October 13th 2023

    You have fallen not forgotten!

    It was in 2020, during the month of November

    How can we forget of course we remember?

    The genocidal war officially started

    People of Tigray Unprepared, unexpected

    It unleashed from there,

    the indiscriminate attack on land and the shelling by air

    to terrorize, to humiliate and scare

    Tigray turned into a killing field

    no place was safe, no armour to shield

    people were shot dead, bodies thrown

    in every hamlet every town

    whether Alamata or Mehoni

    Axum, Abi Adi, Mai Ayni

    Alitena or Adigrat

    Maikinetal Dedebit

    Embaseneyti or Seharti

    Edaga Hamus,  Tselemti

    Bizet to Korarit

    Enda Selassie to Wolkait

    Quiha, Zalaambesa to Ahferom

    Shire, Hawzein, Adigudem

    Adwa, Samere, Ganta Afeshum,

    Mahbere Diego,  Adi Daero

    Edaga Arbi,  Sheraro

    Mariam Dinglat and Wukro

    Badime, Naeder to Chercher

    endless areas hard to remember

    Abergele to Mekele

    Kola Tembien to Hawzein

    Alamata to Tsegede

    From Mai Tsebri to Sengede

    Gulo Mekeda to Humera

    Hagereselam to Mai Kadra

    massacred by

    The Ethiopian Defence Force,

    the mindless army of Eritrea,

    the Militias from Amhara

    shelled from the skies, Turkish drones and the Emirate

    China, Russia, Iran to destroy Tigrai they were all desperate

    Al Nejashi, Debre Damo, Axum Tsion had no shield

     Christians, Muslims, livestock, moving animals, all killed

    In Maryam Tsion went the mayhem

    genocide committed in ‘law enforcement’ name

    Priests, worshipers, men, women, no one was spared

    The carnage left corpses and countless people dead

    The sheer terror intensified the abhorrent act spread

    people saw before them, their sisters and mums raped

    witnessed young boys thrown from the hilly cliff top

    in Mahbere Diego where the killing didn’t stop

    the mayhem continued, Women and girls were raped, abducted,

    enslaved, Impregnated, their reproductive organ, mutilated,

    exposed to sexual diseases, traumatised and infected

    no clinic with medicine no ambulance around

    pharmacies, health settings, demolished to the ground

    schools, hospitals, factories, collapsed to a wreckage

    Tigrayans were left with no choice but to fight this to change

    to stop the chilling massacres and the wanton destruction

    the planned systematic war, the genocidal mission

    Tigrayans couldn’t watch cowardly, these unprecedented crimes

    decided to die in dignity, giving their precious lives

    career was abandoned, studies were abrupted, dreams were aborted

    Yet, Tigray Tiser, praised and chanted

    Today, those are the ones we thank and honour

    The dead and the injured the traumatised who suffer

    We pay tribute and admiration for the living unbroken,

    For the ultimate sacrifice paid, by the martyrs that have fallen

    The children of Tigray, the land of a brave nation

    The world spoke about them and praised with acclamation

    In 2021 July named as, one of the six bravest nation

    We shall not weep for the brave, when we stand on their grave

    Their stories we should tell, their images we would save

    Let there be exhibitions and museums, let their pictures be displayed,

    There shall be a steel monument, with their names fully engraved

    let school children learn their history, why the martyrs have fallen

     their bravery must be narrated, let many books be written

    let films and dramas be directed, seminars, conferences be hosted

    let researches be carried out, image Calendars be posted

    let’s rally for the living too, that deserve to be supported,

    let’s say thank you for the selfless, who have fought in this conflict

    without them today, Tigray would have been extinct!

    thanks to all of you, for the unexpected call of duty

    to fight against genocide, to restore Tigray’s dignity!

    thanks to the family of the martyrs, we are sharing your pain

    your children are the source of courage, time and time again!

    for our fallen and the injured, although we feel sad

    won’t forget your principles, in unison we shall stand!

    we would put our heads up, while lowering our flags

    we remain proud always, for the dignity you gave us!

    we have to bring our land, the occupied and the stolen

    the displaced shall return home, the makeshift camps be thrown

    we shall not rest until Tigray, its territory is restored,

    the struggle must continue whether at home or abroad!

    We say thank you to the wounded but unbroken

    We say good bye to martyrs who are the fallen

    we promise never be forgotten!

    In tribute for these heroes and heroines!

    Tigray remains, as the land of the dignified and brave nation!!

  • In Loving Memory of Tigray’s Fallen Heroes and Heroines
  • Peace and Justice for Tigreans International

    October 4, 2023
    Subject: Outraged by the Failure of the International Community to Extend the Mandate of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE).

    Today the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and all its member states failed victims of Tigray genocide by letting the mandate of International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia(ICHREE) to expire.

    Despite the pleas from ICHREE and the petitions from the victims, the member states chose to stop the
    ongoing UNHRC scrutiny on the perpetrators of crimes against humanity and human rights violations in Ethiopia.
    The Peace and Justice for Tigreans International (PJTI) feels that the last chance for international accountability and justice for the war crimes committed by Ethiopian and Eritrean governments in the Tigray region of Ethiopia was aborted due to lack of will from those who claim to be champions of human rights and those who swore ‘never again’ genocide. It will be remembered as a sad and shameful day!
    PJTI will continue to work towards the promotion and protection of human rights, justice and peace. Our concern centers on the pressing human rights crisis in Ethiopia, especially in the Tigray region, and we urgently request the support of the international community to find other mechanisms to extend the mandate of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE) to
    continue its vital work.
    With Best Regards,
    Peace and Justice for Tigreans International (PJTI)