Tegadelay Berihu Teweldebirhan as witnessed by his friends one of the vibrant Tegaru and passionate comrade wrote a poetry book that flashes the war on Tigray. We will add the link where to buy it once it is out.

By aiga

4 thoughts on “50 + 1 Mystical Poems”
  1. ERITREA — The small East African nation of Eritrea has a population of approximately 5.5 million, of which 69 percent are estimated to live in poverty. Eritreans are told to bring jerrycans (jerrican), generators, jewelleries, and other valuable items as they have been heard of exchanging about their robbery via their telephone conversation. Videos are circulating in social media displaying eritrean army carrying the above goods in their trucks.
    Eritrean Skilled birth attendance remains low, between 35-60%, maternal mortality ratio high at 485 deaths per 100,000 live births and under-five malnutrition also high with 52% of children underweight.
    In 2015, youth illiteracy for Eritrea was 67,326. Between 2002 and 2015,
    Without food aid, 69% of the population would have been unable to
    consume the minimum basket of food and other essential commodities.
    ‘Multiple independent sources in Israel and the Sinai have identified General Teklai Kifle Manjus … as well as a string of intermediaries, as being directly responsible for the cross-border smuggling of humans and weapons from Eritrea,” it states. Eritrea’s military is trafficking the nation’s children, report says;Eritrean youths are being kidnapped by senior military officers, smuggled into Sudan and held to ransom, according to a report by Dutch and Swedish researchers.Basing their findings on interviews with 230 Eritreans who suffered this fate, the researchers conclude that between 2007 and 2012, some 25,000 to 30,000 people were trafficked.

    This extreme poverty , envy of ethiopain and Tigrayan development and eritrean defeat in ethio-eritrean war has lead eritrean invasion of Tigray .

    Eritrea out of Tigray and bring PFDJ to Icc.

  2. በአማራ ክልል አርሶ አደሩ ለሴት ልጁ ተጠቦ ጨንቆ ስም ሲያወጣ ምን ቢላት ጥሩ ነው፥፥ይግረማችሁም ሊያዝናናችሁም ይችላል፥፥ሁሉገርሽ የሚል ከስም ሁሉ የተለየ ስም አዉጥቶላታል፤፤ኩሉ ዓድኪ ኩሉ መረበትኪ ማለት እዩ::ይህ ስም የዛሬዎቹን ተስፋፊ ኃይላት በደንብ ገልፅ ይላል በሄዱበት ና በደረሱበት ሁሉ ያዩትን መንደርና ሀገር የኛ ነው ብዉ ስለሚነፋረቁ ሁሉአገርሽ ሁሉአገራቹ እነ ሁሉአገርሽ ብንላቸው ይከፋቸው ይሆንን?? ምርጥ ስም ነው፥፥ይመቻቸው ይጠሩበት በዚህ ምርጥ ስም ይሞካሹበት፤፤

  3. በአማራ ክልል አርሶ አደሩ ለሴት ልጁ ተጠቦ ተጨንቆ ስም ሲያወጣ ምን ቢላት ጥሩ ነው፥፥ይግረማችሁም ሊያዝናናችሁም ይችላል፥፥ሁሉገርሽ የሚል ከስም ሁሉ የተለየ ስም አዉጥቶላታል፤፤ኩሉ ዓድኪ ኩሉ መረበትኪ (it’s all yours)ማለት እዩ፥፥ይህ ስም የዛሬዎቹን ተስፋፊ ኃይላት በደንብ ሊገልፅ ይችላል በሄዱበት ና በደረሱበት ሁሉ ያዩትን መንደርና ሀገር የኛ ነው ብለዉ ስለሚነፋረቁ ሁሉአገርሽ ፥ሁሉአገራቹ ፥እነ ሁሉአገርሽ ብንላቸው ይከፋቸው ይሆንን?? ምርጥ ስም ነው፥፥ይመቻቸው ይጠሩበት በዚህ ምርጥ ስም ይሞካሹበት፤፤

  4. Despite being considered repulsive by the majority of the world, Cannibalism, eating of human flesh by humans, is very much still alive today.

    1.Papua New Guinea-The Korowai tribe patrol a jungle in Papua
    2.The Naihehe Caves – Sigatoka, Fiji
    3.The Ganges River, India-The Aghori, a sect of Indian Monks
    The Aghori monks of India use herbal drugs, alcohol, and meditation as well as human flesh in their rituals
    4.The Democratic Republic of the Congo
    6. Ethiopia-Fanos(Amhara killing squads
    7.Eritrea-PFDJ(“Higdef”)and its army
    8.Nuku Hiva
    9.Liberia-Doctors Without Borders found evidence of cannibalistic practices while in Liberia
    10.Rothenburg, Germany-German Hannibal Lecter, Armin Meiwes, advertised for a victim he could eat
    11.Miami, Florida:A crazed, naked man was shot by police in Miami in 2012 as he refused to stop eating his victim’s face. Cannibal Rudy Eugene set upon unwitting Ronaldo Poppo on a Florida freeway, leaving him with only one eye and severe facial injuries.
    12. Australia-Arnhem Land, in the far north of Northern Territory,

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