TDA PR Office

Under the motto of ‘’PEACE For ALL/ ሰላም ንኹሉ’’, Tigrai Development Association has organized a beautiful healing carnival today with the core objective to advocate the peace accord signed as of lately between the Government of Tigray and that of Ethiopia.

‘’We the people of Tigray are pleased with the signed agreement with the hope it would end the two years’ long deadliest war and its consequences and thus bring back the people to normal life. Children back to school. Government employees to their work, traders to their business, religious leaders to their rituals and others to their respective professions’’, said Dr. Tesfahunegn H/mariam, TDA’s deputy executive director.

We, in the strongest terms possible, called on the parties to the peace accord, international community, the people of Tigray and that of Ethiopia in general to play their role to essentially make the peace a reality.

Last but not least, we also appealed to the Government of Ethiopia to speed up humanitarian aid and resumption of public services and both parties must work together in a way that could put an end to the suffering of the people of Tigray.

In the presence of TDA leaderships and its staff as a whole, the carnival, accompanied by marsh band, marshal art, music, circus, demonstration of hundreds of school children, has been held in the capital city of Mekelle successfully.

By aiga