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Today TDA has distributed 406,000 Etb cash assistance, donated from Tegaru community in Windsor Canada (300,000 Etb) and Eritrean community of Deki Angela Are Deki Amhare Akologizay area (106,000 Etb), to 406 most war-affected people in Mekelle-that specifically are 300 IDPs from north-west zone of Tigray and 106 government employees.

Beneficiaries, during receipt of their donation, extended their appreciation to their donors and urged others to follow their steps.

Initially recognizing the donors for their generosity and enheartening beneficiaries, Dr. Tesfahunegn H/mariam, TDA’s deputy executive director during handover made a cordial call to all Tegaru diaspora and friends of Tigrayan to augment and speed up their assistance to reach others still in need.

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One thought on “TDA distributes 406,000 Etb cash assistance to 406 most war-affected people in Mekelle”
  1. Down down TPLF killed its army members while 17 years long struggle and later fired many of them order to allow new recrutees (army members) join ENDF from amhara region. Now, TPLF abandoned TDF as usual. TPLF is a group of habitual liars, killers and traitors.

    Tigray need to be led by new leadership composed of diaspora and Tigrayans within Tigray. No more outdated TPLF politics caused half a million Tigrayans to perish.

    Tghat is ardent loyal to TPLF officials and do delete comments from anti TPLF .TGhat aimed at commercializing the genocidal war for profit like Microphone media , Jstudio, and others!!

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