Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

By Teodros Kiros (Ph.D.)

Wars are never joyous.  They are always tragic. The tragedy becomes sublime, when those who cause  it do not know how to end it, and  worse, the victims who must fight to the end to survive as human beings are scarred forever, and trauma becomes their way of life.

Is this what  we should want?  The reasonable  say no and the unreasonable say yes, and embark on a futile journey without an end.

This is the dynamic of the war in Tigray.  The vampires who invaded Tigrean lands, for no other reason than to hide an inferiority complex of long standing, miscalculated and undermined the capacity of the Tigrean people, who elected their leaders and empowered them to stand for them, represent them and speak with a clarion voice on their behalf and that is exactly what the leaders of the government of Tigray are doing.

I applaud  the leaders in Tigray, as I did in recent articles for blending force and love, the love of innocent Ethiopians everywhere- those who are being forced to fight against their will.

Tigreans have now been asked to fight for their lives, and fighting for one’s short life is the most enabling motivator of human beings when they take on a mission to exist, live, prosper, when one can, and then die.

The vampires also want to live by hiding the crimes which they have committed against the Tigrean people. They too are fighting to live at the expense of all those Tigreans which they have annihilated and intend to exterminate if they can, which will not happen, as the evidence on the ground continues to swell with the victory of the Tigrean people   who are fighting with clarity of purpose, time tested military strategy, and valor of historic proportions.

Given this impasse, the ones who should think hard and withdraw their loyalties from Abbey and Isaias, are the silent majority.  If they withdraw their supports, the vampires could be forced to come to the negotiating table, where reason and courage could meet to do the peace work.

Nothing short of the people’s voice could end  the current  Impasse in Tigray and its surroundings. This peace work is our very own.  The international community, however, noble the effort,  cannot do the peace work for us. This  ought to be the work of our own  God given intelligence as we learned from Zara Yacob, the founder of African Enlightenment, the hero from Aksum.

By aiga