Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

By Teodros Kiros

The great Machiavelli, a gifted political thinker, in the Prince and all also the Discourses, advises ruler of Republics, to use force and diplomacy, action and virtue as they govern the masses. To him, great is the leader who knows when to use Force, when they must, and retreat to reason, when the circumstances demand it. Reason must listen to fortune, and fortune must guide reason, delicately and shrewdly.

For Machiavelli, political life requires a mastery of actionality and reason, force and love, morality and cruelty. The balance is tough, but the imperative is categorical.

In light of this classical advise by this wise thinker, who combined the toughness of a leader and the softness of the moral philosopher, the leaders of the government of Tigray must be hailed. Their recent call for a negotiated settlement of the barbaric war in Tigray deserves our praise, and demands our patience, the patience of us the governed not to judge them harshly but to recognize and encourage the difficult balance they are striking, between force and reason, actionality and negotiation, toughness and softness, morality and cruelty.

I hail their efforts to act at the right time, in the right way, at the right places and to the right degree. This move requires intuition and reason, strategy and patience. May the Transcendent help them to do it right and save lives.

I admire and encourage our leaders to unapologetically use force, when circumstanced demand it, and reason and diplomacy when time signals

it. Great are leaders, when they can balance this too. Our leaders are moving cautiously, like foxes, and roaring on the battle field when they listen to the whispers of time, swiftly but with maximum caution, and save lives of our precious youth.

By aiga

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