Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

By Teodros Kiros ( Ph.D.)

The present war imposed on Tigray is divisive and destructive to all.  Tigreans under the leadership of  TPLF did not ask for it.  They were forced to become rightly actional.  From the outset all that the Tigreans, as part of Ethiopia asked for was the right to govern themselves as regional state.  Later on, when this was refused, and Tigray was invaded and enclosed without basic human services, the Tigrean resisted patiently at first, and fiercely ever since. The Tigreans under the leadership of TPLF fought back, to reclaim lands that were taken away by the vampire in Addis, and demanded that the siege in Tigray ends by any means necessary. The fascists in Addis refused.

The present war is a consequence of the abuse of  the historic Tigreans, when they resorted to  revolutionary violence and became actional.

This was a reasonable demand from a historic people who gave the world, the historic Axum, the Alphabet, the gold coins, Zara Yacob, the founder of African Modernity, the classical Muscian,  St. Yared,   and the churches of Lalibela, all  of which gave the world the Classical Ethiopia, the daughter of Tigray, the hope and pride of Global Blackness, and revolutionary humanity.

It is this Ethiopia, which is being destroyed now, the Ethiopia of us all. Ethiopia is Oromian,  Amharan, Gambellan, Guragean,  Eritrean,  and the huge ethnics of the South.  When Tigray is destroyed, it is Ethiopia, which is being destroyed.  When genocide is committed against Tigreans, the founders of Ethiopia, it is the idea of Ethiopianity, which is being annihilated.

I have written before that Tigray can be without Ethiopia, because Ethiopia is Tigray, but there cannot be any Ethiopia without Tigray, its parent.  I repeat that proposition again, that there is no Ethiopia without Tigray.

The chauvinists who want to annihilate Tigreans in order to claim Ethiopia’s greatness are making a mistake, and they are paying a heavy price for this irrationality.  The Ethopia which they can claim only after annihilating Tigreans are committing suicide, as the war is unfolding and eating my Ethiopian brothers and sisters in Amhara  and Eritrean lands .

Pan Africanists all over the world, for whom Ethiopia, the daughter of Tigray is a symbol of Black pride are weeping and praying that the Zara Yacobian Rationality of the Human heart lands in Ethiopia, and we Ethiopians, the sons and daughters of Tigray, act in concert to bring the fascist to justice  who have planted seeds of hate in our hearts, and rebuild this Ethiopia from a scratch and this time from bottom up.

By aiga

One thought on “<strong><em>A Peaceful Tigray, the mother of Ethiopia is a symbol of East African Unity and African Pride</em></strong>”
  1. Dear Dr. Kiros,
    I agree with you that Tigray is the mother of Ethiopia. However, when the daughter refused to act like a daughter and the daughter planned to annihilate the mother Tigray out of assistance with the help of the mercenary Eritrean Army, Somalia Army (FARMAJO), drones from UAE, China, and Turkey, military advisors from Turkey, China and Russia, the daughter and mother should part. Until Tigray parts from its daughter Ethiopia which since Menelik is bent on to subjugate by any means at any cost, this is well established trend, Tigray must fight this existential war and come out the winner – THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION TO TIGRAY BUT TO WIN!
    ትግራይ ትዕወት ብሐይሊ አምላክን ብፅንዓት ደቃን!

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