Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

By Teodros Kiros (Ph.D.)

By diplomatic standards, the efforts of the International commission which is attempting to settle the potentially catastrophic situation in Tigray is commendable.  Any effort to use a reasoned step to prevent another genocide is a moral imperative and a political necessity for the world at large.

However, the recent failure to visit the crucial sights in Tigray to make the commission’s efforts meaningful is disturbing. I for one is deeply disappointed for the missed opportunity, whatever the hidden justification may be. I am sure there are justifications however unconvicting they may be, but the people of Tigray deserve a better treatment than this.

At issue is the violated dignity of the Tigrean people on whom this tragic war was imposed and to whom the commission must respond responsibly and timely. I hope and expect the peace makers to return to Tigray and complete the fact gathering mission. Morality demands this step and political reasoning makes this a necessary and sufficient condition for an intelligent diplomatic style, that could last as an historical legacy on the behalf of the victims of war in Tigray.

Now is the time before a perpetual war is revived in Tigray on the behalf of the human condition.  Now is the time for the visit of the sights where the alleged genocide occurred. Diplomatic intervention without facts is empty and facts without a visual documentation are blind. I appeal to the commission to return to Tigray and accumulate the necessary data with which to frame the expected solutions.

By aiga

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